April 2018 Event Summary

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April 6th @ 5 pm EST : Treasure Hunting

Once again, the call goes out to all tamers who want frost drakes and dragons, all monster hunters who want a challenge, and that guy over there who looks bored!

Come and join the Royal Archaeologist’s assistant as she digs holes all over Sosaria and hopes nobody falls in!

What you need to know

All are welcome. That means you might find this event contains some PvP, but you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Royal Archaologist’s Assistant will dig up the chests for you. All loot from the chest will be placed into a bag on the ground.

You CAN take anything from the bag as soon as the loot starts hitting the bag. All I ask is that you LEAVE THE BAG ON THE GROUND!

We will do multiple treasure maps. Feel free to join in or drop out at any point.

None of these maps will lead to a spot in a guard zone. You have been doubly warned!

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April 13th @ 5 pm EST : The many deaths of Exodus

Well, we beat him. We kicked his shiny metal face in. Several times.

But, it seems some monsters can’t take a hint, so he’s back again.

Anyone who would like a shot at putting Exodus into the ground again, we will be doing exactly that!

I will try to gather some of the keys, but I’m one lonely EM, and would appreciate some help. So, if you have some spare moments, and feel like picking up litter in the Exodus dungeon, help would be appreciated. The more keys we have, the more times we can beat Exodus to a pulp.


Just remember – it is Friday 13th!

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April 21st @ 5 pm EST : Orcish Infamy

King Blackthorn stared at the strange scroll in his lap, a mixture of bewilderment and awe on his face. After much thought, he turned to his advisors.

“A settlement of Meer? Unknown, all this time?” he asked

“It would seem so, sire. Unknown, undetected – until now. And now, it may be too late, if that scroll is any indication.”

“Indeed.” mused the king. “Well, let us hope it is not. We have seen the damage these orcs can do. First, send scouts. I will not send our forces into an orcish trap – although I’ve yet to meet the orc who could write so eloquently, or in such a fine hand. Once we are certain that this is not a trap, send reinforcements, and hope that something of this colony survives.”

“At once sire.”  The senior advisor turned smartly on his heel, and strode from the room, golden robes flowing behind him.


What you need to know

An offshoot of the Meer who fought beside Queen Dawn have been found, trapped beneath the ground. There, they had made themselves a new kingdom – one which it seems the orcs have discovered, and immediately waged war upon.

Our goal is to save them – or avenge them.

This will be your first look at the new dungeon area where we will be holding many events this year.

It is not in a guard zone, and this is Siege Perilous. Come prepared!

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April 28th @ 5 pm EST : Siege Council Meeting

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April’s Fishing Competition

Well, you all told me how much fun you had fishing up Giant Koi while searching for the Golden Tuna,  I thought I’d give you another chance! So, April’s fish is…. drumroll please…

The Giant Koi!  Drop the biggest ones you can find into my mailbox! Winner to be announced at the start of next month’s competition!

Wow, I’m glad I’m invulnerable.

The winner of March’s competition was Sara Dale, with a 153 stone Spring Dragonfish!  I hope you won’t mind the more traditional trophy for this one, but I’m going for variety. If a fish CAN be mounted, it will be. If it can’t, it’ll get one of the other styles of trophy! Everyone happy? Everyone except for those fishermen with a ton of Giant Koi? Great!

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EM Events on Siege Perilous in March

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March 2018 Fishing Contest

I have to admit, I didn’t think the Golden Tuna would draw as much interest as it did!  Was it the fish itself, or the new trophies, or something else that suddenly has all Siege’s fishermen and women charging all over the ocean, complaining bitterly about giant koi?

*hides giant koi spawner behind back*

There was also a very big Big Fish in the mailbox – so I’m glad you’ve remembered that part of the competition! I started these in July, so by the end of June, this year’s winner of The Big Fish contest will be declared!

I’m not going ot announce the winner of the Golden Tuna contest until the 1st of March – so you’ve got another day and a bit’s worth of fishing! Bait those rods! Cast those lines! Throw those greater explosion pots overboard! (If only that worked!)

Now, on to March. March marks the beginning on Spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, so what better fish to catch than the Spring Dragonfish! (not to mention that it looks like an orc was doing something unspeakable with a fish!)

Any caught between the 1st of March and the 31st of March are eligible! So, start cramming them into my mailbox! I really must get that thing fumigated one of these days!


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March 2nd @ 5 pm EST : Treasure Hunt

Once again, we’re going to be rampaging all over the countryside, digging great big holes, not bothering to fill them in, and disturbing peaceful creatures who never did anyone any harm until we came along and whacked them over the head with a shovel!

Sound like your sort of thing? Then come and join us!

You can join in or drop out at any point – we keep going so long as we have enough people to take on the chest guardians! Hunts take place in Felucca, Ilshnear, Tokuno and Malas, and each place has its own collection of monsters. (Got to love those renegade changelings!)

Needless to say, we won’t be in a guard zone. Wandering healers will probably show up – and stop wandering – unless the EM’s attention DOES wander!

See you there!

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March 10th @ 5 pm EST : Orcish Diplomacy




“He’s dead, sire.”

“I see. What about Seer Pergitus?”

“Dead, sire.”

“Negotiator Frink?”

“Very dead, sire. They’re still fishing pieces out of the moat, sire.”

“Hrm. Peacemaker Phonix?”

“Ah, I believe he’s dead too, sire.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure, sire. His head was found inside his favorite horn, and inside the head, his lute.”

“So you are telling me that all our negotiators are dead?”

“Yes, sire. Well, there’s still Commander Bhaltair, sire.”

“No, no. He’s a good tactician, but his idea of negotiation is to hold a sword to the other party’s nose and start counting backwards. We need someone who can get through to those orcs without being killed, and without making the situation even worse!”

“Yes, sire”

“Very well. We will send Dupre. Send word. I believe he has been frequenting the tavern in that town in Malas – Undead Workers, or some such?”

“United, sire. United Workers.”

“Good, good. Oh, and stop by the royal stockyards. Orcs like cattle – we will send them a fine tribute, if only Dupre can keep the beasts alive until they reach them!”

“Beasts? The cattle or the orcs, sire?”

“Very droll. Now do run along and carry out your orders, Spence.”



What you need to know:

  • There are orcs all over the place. How exactly did you not notice that?
  • There will be two goals to this mission : To take a tribute to the orcs, and to negotiate peace with the orcs.
  • If you succeed, the orcs will go back to their vaguely peaceful ways.
  • If you fail ,they will keep attacking.
  • This will most certainly be outside the guard zone.
  • Gates will appear in the usual places.
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