Saturday 29th July : What lies Beneath?

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Far across the void, the beast bristled as one after another enslaved soul brought back its report.

First, the scouting parties it had sent had returned good news. This “Siege” was weak, unprotected,. ripe for plunder. Easy pickings.

The first forays had gone well, indeed. Souls had been taken, and the ranks of minions, as well as the food stores, had grown. And grown.

But that success had been short lived. The worshippers that had been established had been slaughtered. The armies sent to take new ground had been eradicated. And now, the primal hatchery had been found, and production halted.

This would not stand. The hatchery was vital to success! With a gesture, the beast sent minions pouring through a portal, followed by a squad of hatchery constructors, to effect repairs. Then, a swarm of the newer minions it had been moulding, to claim the world’s waterways.

This was a setback, to be sure. But it was one that the 2-legged creatures would regret, and pay for with their souls.


What you need to know

  • Gates to the starting point of the event will be made available in the usual places
  • Guard Zone? What guard zone? We spit on your guard zones. Ptooie!
  • Town Criers will give general details all month
  • Black Watch members who attend will receive attendance points. There is no need for uniform unless you want to wear it – your battle gear is probably of higher quality!
  • Wandering Healers will probably pop in at random, if they feel they’re needed.


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Happy July 4th

Ad-hoc, spur of the moment, event

Far beneath his illusory cottage, Juxmani sat and plotted. The attack on the king’s mages had gone well, but the king had quadrupled the guard on all entry points to the castle, and was now somehow blocking gates to key areas. A direct assault was not going to work – not for now. So what to do, what to do?

He looked down the fairly short list of people who had agreed to join him against the king, and sighed. Perhaps the people’s hearts simply weren’t in it. Or were they? Perhaps they just needed a little push. He grabbed a quill pen and started to write.

Soon, the markets across the land were strewn with scrolls protesting the taxes on their sales, the lack of really fresh fruit, the pickpockets in the marketplace (put there by Juxmani, of course) and the terrible stench from the pig pens. All of them pointing the finger at King Blackthorn.

Soon, a crowd began to gather outside Castle Blackthorn. Nothing that the guards couldn’t handle, but it would certainly make the king sit up and think. Maybe even sweat a little.

Meanwhile, near Compassion moongate, several large, scaled heads gazed down at a scroll that had blown through the moongate.

“What do you make of it?” rumbled a huge, golden dragon

“Just more human foolishness” growled a smaller, white dragon.

“Perhaps, perhaps. But we are also kept in our place by this Blackthorn’s armies, are we not? Perhaps we need to look for our independence, too? Or take it away from the humans?” asked a large blue dragon

They turned, and looked at the moongate as a hapless adventurer chose that exact moment to step through.



Have fun, Siege!

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July’s Event Schedule


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July’s Treasure Hunt!

Saturday July 15th, shortly after the Council Meeting

Tamers and Loot Lovers rejoice! We’re going digging again!

Following the Governor’s Meeting, those who want to can gather at the EM Hall, ready for another long night of seeing what some long-lost pirate buried beneath the ground! Imagine how boring life would be if they all used banks!

What you need to know:

  • Gates will be dropped at the usual places.
  • We are definitely going outside the guard zone.
  • Tamers have a shot at some of the less-common new pets.
  • All loot from the chest will be deposited into one or more bags, and after that, it’s first come, first served. Take whatever you can grab!
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July’s Fishing Contest!

July 2017 Fishing Contest

Fishermen (and women! and gargoyles! and orcs! and savages! and goblins! and anyone I left out!) of Siege! Your time has come!

Every month we will have a contest to see who can catch the largest of a specific type of fish.

Deposit your catch in the mailbox at the House of Commons (EM Hall) north of the Britain Moongate. The fisher-person who deposits the biggest one before the end of July will be forever remembered (or until we run out of space) in the Reward Hall!

The fish of the month this month is the Seeker Fish!

I look forward to foul smells wafting out of my mailbox!

What you need to know:

  • How to fish.
  • Where to find specific fish.
  • How to stay alive while fishing.
  • That’s about it.
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Friday 21st July : Besieged Buccaneers

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Small sea-drakes circled around the crows nest, their small burps of flame keeping the evening’s chill at bay. Crows nest! Ha! In all his years as lookout, Merker had never found a crow up there. Gulls, cormorants, sea-drakes, and the occasional hapless fish, dropped by some passing sea bird, but no crows. Still, over the years, he’d made it comfortable, and the crew depended on his sharp eyes, so it kept him away from the more demanding chores aboard The Ocean’s Claw.

Far below, the crew lounged about, enjoying the last remaining spoils from a their last victim – a Tokuno merchant ship. Crazy Sabbat strutted about in the strange red leggings he’d claimed, wearing a helmet that made him look like a cross between a gargoyle and a vorpal bunny.
Then he spotted something – a mere spec on the horizon, but it was something. He picked up his spyglass, and took a closer look. He wished he hadn’t.
“Man the decks!” he screamed down to the dozing pirates “hoist the mainsail! Kraken! Monsters! Captain! We are all doomed! A swarm of Kraken, approaching at speed!”

“Kraken?” In his cabin, Captain Malo leapt from behind his desk, and grabbed his most mottled brown leggings. Frantically pulling them on, he burst through the door, and started shouting orders.
“Drunken swabs! What’s this sittin’ around drinkin’? Want to be squid food, me hearties? We all heard the lookout – now get us movin’, an in the opposite direction ta yon monstrosities!”

The men, drunk though they were, wasted no time. Captain Malo was to be feared far more than any Kraken, but both of them together was a threat that no pirate wanted to face. The ship began to gain speed, as the spec on the horizon became clearer, writhing tentacles reaching towards the sky.

“You six – man the heavy cannons!” yelled the first mate “If those beasts catch up to us, we’ll make ‘em regret it! The rest of yer, more speed! More speed!!!”
Smaller squids began to appear, leaping out of the waves in a most uncharacteristic fashion. Such speed! The captain groaned. This would not be an easy escape, and might be an even worse battle.

One of the ship’s mages staggered to the rail, sorely regretting the afternoon’s drinking contest, and even more greatly regretting the spells he’d cast to allow him to consume more than his shipmates!
Still, he managed to send several bolts of chain lightning crashing into the waves. Severed tentacles floated to the surface. A frustrated roar came from somewhere behind them, as the krakens gradually closed the distance.

Then, with a shuddering jolt, and a terrible slithering noise, the ship stopped. From his viewpoint above, Merker saw something rising from the sea, engulfing the ship’s figurehead. Had a kraken caught up to them? Perhaps a leviathan? No – this was bigger, and the tentacles were silver-hued … almost glowing. Were those even tentacles, or something else?

The head of the Charybdis rose from the waters, taking a huge bite out of the ship’s prow. Somehow, a shadowy figure, clad in a dripping black hooded robe, stood atop it’s head, glowing reins controlling the beast.

The pirates ran about the deck frantically, as the captain barked orders that no one was listening to.
Three deck-hands managed to turn one of the heavy cannons, and fired at the Charybdis, which did more harm to the ship than the creature. The Ocean’s Claw began to list slightly, just as the first kraken crashed heavily into the stern. Worse, more could be seen advancing across the horizon from every direction!
A writhing fry of eels sprawled across the deck, writhing and biting at anything that moved. The mage’s lightning saw them off, but by this point, several kraken were making short work of the captain’s cabin, the rudder, and the officer’s quarters.

One or two men had the presence of mind to launch a lifeboat, and took off rowing as fast as they could – to no avail. Eels and squid swarmed all over the small craft, until it sank beneath their combined weight. Blood stained the water, as the sun started to dip beneath the horizon.

Merker looked down in horror as he saw his crewmates eaten, torn limb from limb, or simply disappear as they threw themselves into the black waters – waters which were slowly coming closer, as the ship began to sink beneath the waves. What happened to ghosts who were lost at sea, he wondered. He had never seen a ghost cross water. What happened to one that was trapped in the drink? He was certain that this would soon be a mystery no more!

As he watched Captain Malo disappear into the maw of a kraken, a soaking wet figure suddenly threw itself over the edge of the crows nest, and grabbed him by the lapels. “Merker! What are ye just sitting here for, laddie?” barked the blood-stained mage at him “We can’t stay up here!”
Merker looked at him with open mouth .Where was he supposed to go? He was flailing about in the air, atop a mast that would soon disappear beneath the sea! He had no boat!

The mage stared at him in despair, and then grabbed the black pearl that Merker wore around his neck for luck. “Saved!!!” he screamed, waving a handful of soggy herbs under Merker’s nose. “Saehrimnir shall not be supper this night!” With that, he started sprouting even more gibberish. A moongate opened in the air, and the mage dived through, dragging Merker behind him.

They hit the ground near a building that Merker recognised as the bank of Buccaneer’s Den. He staggered to his feet – and just in time. A massive claw came crashing through the gate, hitting the spot where he’d landed. Osiredon! As if the kraken were not enough, they had no hope of survival against a Scalis Enforcer! The claw groped around, trying to keep its prey from escaping. Then, the moongate slammed shut, leaving the claw on the ground, strangely hued blood flowing from it – blood that bubbled and steamed when it touched the ground.

The mage – Saehrimnir, apparently – pulled his tattered robe about him, looked at the claw, and turned abruptly. “Right. If I get paid for that trip, then I’m a pickled Minocan. You’d best be finding lodgings fer the night, sonny – but don’t stay too close ta the water. That thing’ll be right proper unhappy about how you went a-choppin’ off his claw.”
“Me?? I didn’t chop anything off! You made the gate!” Merker spluttered.
“Aye, well, explain that ta that great overgrown slab of seafood when he gets here, would you?”

With that, the tattered one left.

Just when Merker thought his day couldn’t possibly get much worse, a mounted squad of Britannian knights galloped up and surrounded him.
“Right, you horrible little man” said their captain, prodding the claw with his lance “What’s the meaning of all this, then?”

Merker sighed, and came along quietly.



What you need to know

  • Gates will be made available at the usual places.
  • Juxmani, Son of Batlin, is mounting his first major assault on Blackthorn.
  • King Blackthorn will require your assistance in gathering more information about this attack, and dealing with this new threat.
  • Much of the event will take place outside the guard zones.
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Saturday July 15th : Siege Council meeting

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST


King Blackthorn welcomes all new and re-elected governors! Also, welcome to all town representatives!



What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided from the usual places.
  • Town Criers will do their usual thing.
  • Reminders will be sent via general chat an hour beforehand.
  • This is a standard council meeting.
  • Governors will be expected to attend, and provide a report on the state of their town. If you cannot attend, please send a report or a representative.
  • Player-run town representatives are invited to attend.
  • All citizens are welcome. If you would like to ask the king something, either approach your representative/governor, or step forward yourself.
  • Please keep all combat outside the council chambers unless you are fond of dips in the moat.
  • Please leave your pets outside. Any pets found in the council chamber will receive a complimentary bath in the moat.
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Saturday July 8th : Man Overboard!

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST 

The king has spoken! There shall be a race! A race by sea!

Seafaring adventurers! Fishermen! Eager swimmers! Riders of the Walrus! Oil your flippers!

The race will work as follows:

You will be summoned to a starting location, where you will be given a book, containing a riddle. This riddle, when solved, will give you a clue to the first location on your route, and a password.

When you arrive at your first location, you will tell the password to the guide who awaits you, and he or she will tell you your next location, and the next password.

As you go, write the passwords in your book.

The first person to arrive at the final location with all passwords in their book will have their name recorded in the Reward Hall for all to see!


What you need to know:

  • Gates will be made available at the usual places.
  • You NEED some form of sea-faring vessel. You are welcome to try to do this without a boat/ship, but you will not know which location is the last until you get there.
  • If you arrive at that location via land or by gate, you will be disqualified. There might even be lookouts at some of the other locations. So please, use a boat or a ship.
  • You need to record the passwords as you go. If any are missing when you reach the finish line, you will be disqualified.
  • Obviously, this will take place outside of a guard zone.
  • Blowing your opponents out of the water is a perfectly acceptable tactic. This is Siege. Why wouldn’t you sink the scurvy rats?
  • The book will be checked on arrival to make sure it is original. No handing out copied books to your first mate!  This also means, if you kill your opponents and their bodies decay, they’re out of the race.
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Mesanna, Monuments, and More!

Malas. Home of the gleaming city of Luna, and the shadowed streets of Umbra. To some people, a wonderful land, to others, the place where those people live.

Whatever your feelings about Malas, some people – quite a lot of them – have chosen to call it home.

And because of those people, today we had the honour of a visit from the Great Lady Mesanna herself! For today, two settlements on Siege gained recognition for their sense of community, their building efforts, and their determination to stick together!

So congratulations to the City of Mother Lode, west of Umbra, and the Town of UWSP – United Workers of Siege Perilous – a little way south of Luna! For today, both of you were recognised!

First, here is my new favourite picture of Siege, showing the Glorious Lady herself, as she brought forth Mother Lode’s town monument out of thin air and lava!

Isn’t she magnificent, rising from the flames?   *ahem*

That was the start of the monument. Here is the finished article. Pay no attention to the glacial cat-onion.

Then, as the fireworks subsided, it was on to UWSP town. Thankfully, there were no marauding minons about. Not that they would have been a threat to our Great Lady Mesanna, but who would want to inconvenience her in that way?

The work began – complete with Tanager and a glacial cat. Or was that a glacial Onion?


After trying several designs, this masterpiece rose from the ground, bringing a fair amount of smoke and fire with it!

We finished off the tour with Onion the Glacial Cat inviting Mesanna to see his fine home. She graciously accepted, and even gave those present some pies to remember the occasion!


So, congratulations to both fine establishments! May your citizens prosper, may your wares sell, and may your communities thrive!

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We have a winner!

It was not easy.

There were many fantastic entries. If I had my way, I’d combine them all into a massive, multi-level tower reaching above the clouds of Siege, towards the moons that power and guide our moongates

The finalists were:

.Miss Echo
Sara Dale
with honorable mention to Sargatanza, for a truly inventive design.

But, this is Siege, and only one valiant architect could be left standing, PK’ing all the opposition with a pointy pair of compasses, lethal whacks from a set-square, and a rez-kill with a stainless steel ruler!

So, without further ado, let me announce that the great and glorious Mesanna has chosen the winner, and decreed that the Legendary Architect who won the “Redesign the EM Hall Contest” is –



*another drumroll*


*further ado, and yet another drumroll*


*even more drumrolls*


Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!

Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!


Well done Sara! Work will begin on transforming the EM Hall into your fabulous design shortly!

And thank you to everyone who entered – the time, the effort, and the creativity you all put into your houses was incredible!

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