All EM Events for September 2017


Now, to the matter of time zones.

I have tried. Anyone with a conscience will admit that I have really, really, really tried to help everyone in every time zone to understand when events are happening.

I considered a kickstarter to pay for phone calls, so I could call everyone who wants a reminder of events before hand, but then I had a better idea. Besides, do you really want me striking up a conversation with your better half? Or worse yet, your mother?

So, that better idea. Here we go.

Below, are two graphics.

Save these images, then open them in something better than a web browser. Print them out full size, and stick both onto stiff cardboard. These are for A4 paper, but feel free to blow them up to A0 if that floats your boat.

Cut the smaller one out, position it above the bigger one, and push a split pin or some other useful implement through the middle of both.

You now have a handy dandy time zone wheel. If you don’t like the quality of the graphics or the text, you now have the basic outline, feel free to submit your own designs. I know we have a lot of creative sorts out there. Let’s see your designs!

And, that one guy who lives on Mars and misses Ultima Words of Adventure 2, I’m sorry that I left you out. One day I’ll have a map of all time and space, but that’s not happening this month.

Don’t say I never do anything for you guys. But I do love you all, most sincerely.

Outer (back) wheel

Inner (front) wheel

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Fishing Contest : September.

Fishing Contest for September. Closing Date 31st September at midnight

This month’s fish : a Black Marlin!

Whoever deposits the largest Black Marlin in the EM’s postbox wins. Simple as that.

Our secondary contest, for the biggest “Big Fish” of the year also continues! Drop those in as well!

Happy hunting!

The winner each month will have at trophy with their name on displayed at the EM Hall for a while. Eventually all will be transferred to the Hall of Champions!



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Awaken the Seer

Awaken the Seer – September 30th, 5 pm EST

Mariah of Moonglow continued to worry about the Seer Naxatilor. Struck down at the start of the current troubles, he had still not regained consciousness. But, there had been tales of numerous brigands, and worse, on the roads. Who knew what would meet her if she tried to journey back to him?

She gathered all the healing herbs she could find, checked the potions the adventurers had gathered for her, and then gathered her courage. Perhaps the others could help her to reach him? And perhaps, once awakened, he would speak of things to come…

What you need to know

  • Gates will appear at the usual locations.
  • Announcements will be made in-game an hour before we start.
  • We will journey to Ter Mur with mariah to help awaken Naxatilor and hopefully hear his latest prophecy.
  • Most of this will take place outside of a guard zone.


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Treasure Hunting Time

Treasure Hunt! 22nd September, 5 pm EST, for at least 3 hours

The scenario, as you’re probably used to by now, is this:

The Royal archaeologist will dig here, there and everywhere.

All the loot will find its way into your hands – the hard part will be keeping it in your hands if

your fellow citizens of Siege covet it badly enough!

The lowest level map will be level 6. We give thanks to Glorious Mesanna for the level 7 maps, may her name be praised and small pastries sacrificed in her name.

This is also a great chance for animal tamers to get some help taming ice dragons and other chest dwellers. Although I’m still trying to work out how you fit an ice dragon inside a chest that can only hold 125 items.

What you need to know

  • This event carries on pretty much until your EM is ready to drop. So, if you’re on sometime in the 3 hours after 10 pm EST, come and join us!
  • Gates to the latest map will constantly come and go outside the EM Hall. Again, join us any time.
  • We haven’t had a map inside a guard zone yet, and probably never will have. Dress accordingly!
  • These events are supposed to support our governors, so, if you feel like donating any of your loot to a specific town, great. If not, nobody will actually know. So – your call!
  • Reminders will be made in General Chat an hour before the event, and the Town Criers will probably be shouting about it as well throughout the month.



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Siege Council Meeting

Siege Council Meeting – 16th September, 5 pm EST


All are welcome. Details of what to expect during a council meeting can be found at, in the FAQ, and in the section regarding governors meetings.

The council chambers are a non-aggression zone. First, no pets. Second, anyone found killing, stealing, attacking, or generally being disruptive gets three dips in the moat, and then a ban for the duration of the meeting. You can complain all you like, those are the rules.

This meeting may be slightly different to what you are used to, as a result of the Shattered Obelisk event arc. Just a little. *evil grin*


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Khumash Gor : The laughing daemon

The Laughing Daemon – 8th September, 5 pm EST

Arcadion the daemon was enjoying his freedom. Erethian’s binding of the creature into a mirror on the Isle of Fire had been – – – unpleasant. His fury had grown immeasurably when the dragon Dracothraxus had stolen his only way out of his prison, the Ether Gem. He had, for a moment, thought himself free, only to find he had traded one prison for another, a more mobile one, under a new master. Accepting his new servitude in resignation, he bonded with the Black Sword on request, giving it powers, and enabling it to be used to destroy Dracothraxus.

But now, he was free. The mortals battle with the Soulstealer, along with other strange events, had weakened his prison’s walls, and he had broken free. He had briefly walked the Obsidian fortress, but finding little of use there, had now returned to Britannia.

The fun was about to begin. He threw back his terrible head, and laughed.


What you need to know

  • Gates will appear at the usual locations.
  • Town criers will give basic details of the event
  • Announcements will be made in General Chat an hour before the event starts
  • This is part of the Shattered Obelisk Event Arc. Read about that at
  • Arcadion is a part of Ultima Lore. Feel free to go and look him up.
  • This will take place far outside of a guard zone.


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The Great Vesper Bank Robbery

The Great Vesper Bank Robbery – 2nd September, 5 pm EST

“But Captain”, protested Governor Spyderbite, “You don’t understand!”

“Governor Spyderbite, it is you who does not seem to understand. My men are the best in Vesper – possibly even in the entirety of Britannia. A crime has been committed, and we will see justice done!”

“But – ” spluttered Spyderbite, “but – ”

“Governor, your protests are only delaying the inevitable. We do not allow criminals to simply get away with this type of behaviour! I would think a man in your position would have a deeper appreciation of that! This is beneath you! Accept this like a man!”

“But they stole from ME!” the black-robed man whined, playing with his chain of office, then putting it safely into a pocket, just in case the robbers were still about. “You cannot imagine the value *cough* the sentimental value of what was in those chests!”

“Yes, and a great many other citizens of Vesper have lost their savings as well. As I said, my men are on the case. Robbing the bank of Vesper is not something that we can allow anyone to get away with. We will most assuredly find these perpetrators, and give them their just deserts!”

“I don’t care about pudding!” exploded the governor “I just want my safety deposit chests back! In exactly the same state I last saw them!”

“We will do our jobs, sir. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make enquiries.”

Spyderbite trudged off, muttering something about “if they find my ledgers…”

Soon, wanted posters were all across the area, nailed to many a tree.

Wanted for Bank Robbery : The Purple Llama Gang


What you need to know:

  • For once, Spyderbite is innocent. Of this particular crime, anyway.
  • Gates will appear at their usual locations. So, if you see a metalic pink moongate, it’ll take you to the start of the event.
  • A very small amount of the event will be inside a guard zone.Most of it won’t be.
  • Announcements will be made an hour before the event, in General Chat.
  • Town Criers will give basic details of the event.
  • Feel free to donate any extra loot to Vesper. Or a town of your choice. Or yourself.




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25th August – the Haunting of Skara Brae

Shamino gazed across the water towards Skara Brae. There seemed to be far more people there than usual, but all was not well. Some of the people were running, and even from this distance their terror was plain to see. The others were chasing the runners, but they appeared to glide across the ground, not run. He drew his bow, notched an arrow, and headed towards the ferry.

Before he could get there, the ground erupted. Undead forms burst from below him, in their droves, leaping up from their unmarked graves, surrounding him on all sides.

Shamino set immediately about his work with sword, bow and shield. The ranks of the shambling revenants he quickly reduced to a few small piles of putrescent but inanimate flesh. With his way thus cleared, he was able to enter the graveyard itself, where he discovered a newly opened tunnel, which lead to an ancient catacomb far below. The ferry would have to wait.

In that dank and haunted place, Shamino found the source of the trouble, a lich, an ancient and potent spirit from the First Age of Darkness. For centuries the evil thing had lain dormant in its stygian tomb, but of late it had bestirred itself, and in its ancient malice had begun the current harassment of the living above.

In his earlier years, he was kindhearted with a passion for magic and writing poetry. The people of Skara Brae initially felt safely protected by his presence. As the years wore on, however, Horance’s mind began to deteriorate into a senile shadow of his former self. His poetry became a “rhyming doggerel” and the only form in which he would speak. His demonstrations of magic also became increasingly violent, provoking fear from his fellow citizens. It was in this state that he was first encountered by Britannia’s defenders.

After a time, Horance had the Dark Tower erected upon the northwestern tip of Skara Brae and completely confined himself within its walls. The mage eventually descended into total madness from years of isolation, his existence dominated by an obsession with discovering the secret to immortality. Though finally able to divine its formula, it ultimately came at the dreadful cost of his becoming one with a malevolent, power-hungry liche. He began to raise the dead from their graves in order to do his ghastly bidding.

It was into this horrific landscape that Shaminio had been sent, dispatched by the king, after a bedraggled rider had collapsed at Britain’s gates, gasping for aid to be sent.

His sword swung around him, again and again, as a ghostly cloud of spent souls rose and filled the skies above Skara Brae…


What you need to know

  • Gates will appear in the usual locations.
  • There will be announcements in General Chat about an hour before the event.
  • This is part of the current Shattered Obelisk Arc.
  • This is not a “drop” event, although I probably wouldn’t say if it was.
  • There will be loot though. Lots of lovely loot.
  • There will be a “quest” aspect to this, as well as lots of PvM.
  • The event will take place in and around Skara Brae.
  • Yes, that does mean that there is a guard zone.
  • If VvV kicks off during the event, we will keep on going, but there will be enough monsters to slay outside of the guard zone as well.
  • “lich”, “liche”, tomato tomatoe.  See you at the event!
(Thanks to the writers at Ultima Wiki and Ultima Codex for some of the fiction. Reading up on “The Tale of Shamino and the Spirits” isn’t required for the event, but you might enjoy it.)
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25th August – The Haunting of Skara Brae

Details to be announced. The event will start at 5 pm EST, which is probably the Witching Hour somewhere or other.

This will be part of the 20th Anniversary Event Arc.

Shh. No Spoilers! (yet!)


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18th August 9pm EST – The Champion of Siege, 2017

Take a stick. No, the big one over there -thaaat’s the one. Now, see your friend over there? Currently looking out the window? Quietly sneak up behind him, and whack him over the head with your stick.

What do you mean, you don’t want to?  What are you doing on Siege, anyway? Wimp!

This weekend, by popular request, there will be a PvP tournament.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • No pets. Not even in the audience. There is a stable at the Bull Ring nearby if you need to stable your pets.
  • No tag-teaming.
  • This is one-on-one. No gank squads allowed. No zergs.
  • Summons ARE allowed.
  • No audience “assistance”.
  • Cursing (medieval style), insults, and the use of UO Curse (if you still have a copy), are mandatory.
  • Any weapons, potions, spells, and other gear is allowed. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This is an “anything goes” PvP tournament.
  • When I say “anything goes” that does not include non-combatant PKing, looting, stealing, or general disruption of the event. Those things will get you booted, and no, I won’t listen to whining in GC after you’ve been booted. This is your only warning.

How this works:

Based on the poll I ran through July, this event will start at 9 pm EST.  It will run until we have a champion.

If you can’t make it at that time, or can only stay for an hour, please don’t sign up. Rather come along and support from the audience.

If you can take part, and want to, please sign up below, stating your character’s name.  I don’t need to know your skill-set, but you are welcome to state it if you want to.

I will put all names into a hat, and draw them out in twos. That will form the basis for round one of the contest.

If you are not present when your name is called, you forfeit the round, and are out of the competition. Sorry.

If you have to leave – no matter how good a reason you have – you are out of the competition. Sorry.

The winners of round one will go back into the hat, and be drawn out in twos. And so on, and so on, until last man (or woman!) standing.

That champion will get their name on a really nice trophy, to be displayed at the EM Hall for a while, and then on permanent display at the reward hall.

Other things you need to know

This will take place outside of a guard zone.

It will take place in the arena of the Black Watch Barracks. If you haven’t seen this, there is a gate to it outside the EM Hall in Britain.  This building is NOT in a guard zone.

If the building proves to be unsuitable for any reason, we will relocate to one of the public arenas.

Gates will appear at the usual places, an hour before the event.

Good luck, and may the best fighter (or the sneakiest) win!

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