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The Black Watch is Recruiting New Members

Grand Marshal William “Iron-Will” Cromwell has established “The Black Watch” as the new Royal Guard.  New Recruits are needed to protect the King and Kingdom. Interested parties should apply in person in front of Castle Blackthorn on Saturday, August 30th, … Continue reading

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Governor’s Meeting 08/31/2014 @ 3:30pm

King Blackthorn hereby requests the attendance of the Governors at a Meeting on August 31st, at 3:30pm Eastern in the Serpent’s Hold Council Chambers. All are welcome.

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Town Banner

Application: Please send your banner applications to  These should include: 1. Town name 2. Town location (please leave a rune to your town in the EM Reward Hall mailbox) 3. Date the town was founded 4. Number of houses … Continue reading

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A Change in Tactics

Nothing worked. Despite progress, at every turn her plans had failed and all progress was lost. It had been weeks, but her anger was undiminished. Furiously, the lady pulled a ball of incandescent energy from thin air and hurled it … Continue reading

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Kings Meeting Transcript 29June2014

[14:33:56] [King Blackthorn]: Are Jhelom and Vesper to be unrepresented today? [14:34:17] [Kattasrophe]: Sorry M’Lord I do not know where Governor Eli is [14:35:01] [King Blackthorn]: I would like to begin with a few items of public recognition. [14:35:32] [King … Continue reading

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Stolen Loot

The Shadow is dead. Killed by one he would wed. The Thief earned what he got. May Rotgut’s guts rot. But where is the loot. Stolen by the old coot. Many treasures disappeared, Lost Forever ’tis feared. What was lost … Continue reading

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St. Patricks Day Celebration.

Vladimir, the owner of The Salty Dog in Britain, was looking forward to the upcoming celebration. Holidays were always good for business, but even more enjoyable was spending time with good friends celebrating together. “Leroy! Soloman! Bring those new crates … Continue reading

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The Lady

Weeks had passed, and still a raging fire burned within The Lady’s heart. Anger charred her inside. Despite the success in corrupting the Bell, the Book, and the Candle, and despite the theft of the World-Gem, and despite the opening … Continue reading

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The King’s Contest: Fishing Tournament

King Blackthorn has issued a challenge to all Fishermen (and women) in the Kingdom. All Fish caught on or between March 10th and March 30th are to be weighed with an honor going to the largest “Legendary” or “Trophy” fish … Continue reading

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Governor’s Meeting – March 30th, 2014

King Blackthorn requests that all Governors attend the next council meeting on Sunday the 30th day of March at 4:30pm eastern in the Council Chambers on Serpent’s Hold.

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