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Christmas time, deco looks fine!

Hello Siege! As you may have noticed, I’m slowly making my way around the towns, as and when I have time, making your banks look Christmassy! Unfortunately, I can’t do it all by myself. Not if you want everything done … Continue reading

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Event Summary for December 2017

Due to the elections, there will be no Siege Council meeting this month. If there are any urgent city-related issues, please email me at 

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December 1st – Treasure Hunt

5 pm EST is treasure hunting time! Gather at the EM Hall, for another evening of loot, rares, new pets, deathrobes and fun! As usual, the Royal Treasurehunter will bring level 7 maps (and a few level 6s in case we … Continue reading

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December 9th – The 3 Principles Part III : Courage

5 pm EST – Dungeon crawling time! The group of madmen stood enraptured at their leader’s words, their blades shining in the moonlight, blood fresh from their recent sacrifice pooled around their bare feet. It all made perfect sense. How … Continue reading

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December 15th – Three Wise Goblins

5 pm EST is Goblin Hunting Time! With apologies to anyone of a poetic nature, anyone who actually likes “We three kings” and anyone who is offended by drunken goblins. Oh, and that guy over there who is always professionally … Continue reading

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December 23rd – Christmas Paragon Party!

5 pm EST – It’s Paragon Hunting Time! Ok Siege – nothing fancy about this one. Here’s my Christmas present to you: I will spend a LOT of time spawning creatures all over Ilshenar – creatures that don’t normally appear … Continue reading

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December 31st – The Death of 2017

Hello Siege! I have no idea how many of you will be around at the end of the year, and with all our different time zones, it makes it hard to ring in the New Year together. So, let’s kill … Continue reading

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December Fishing Event – Winter Dragonfish

November’s contest was a free-for-all – if it was a fish, it was eligible to enter! The winner of November’s contest was Mapario Naharis, with a 181 stone Big Fish. That fish will also be entered into the “Big Fish of … Continue reading

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All EM Events for November 2017

  First, yes, all events in November will be on Saturdays. I apologise to those who like their Friday evening events, but circumstances this month have left me with absolutely no available time on Fridays. We should be back to … Continue reading

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November Fishing Contest

This month, it’s a free-for-all! Catch a rare or legendary fish. Any fish that shows who caught it, and what it weighs! Yes, that’s right – ANY fish. Named fish, Big fish, whatever jumps into your boat! Bring your biggest … Continue reading

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