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Governors’ Council Meeting

Friday 19th May, 10 pm British Summertime, 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, midnight Moscow Standard Time Catch up on current events, lay your petitions before the king, and relax in one of the chairs that your taxes paid for! You … Continue reading

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Venture into the Void

May 13th, 5 pm Eastern Time, 10 pm British Summertime, 2 am Indian Standard Time Blackthorn stepped carefully over the grey-black corpse of the many-tentacled horror, flanked on either side by his red-and-black watchmen. His eyes were not on the … Continue reading

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Black Watch Paragon Party

Saturday 29th April.  10 pm British Summertime. 5 pm Eastern Time. 7 am Australian Eastern Standard Time. “Commander Bhaltair, these men and women are going to be slaughtered!” thundered King Blackthorn, his fist making the heavy oak meeting table shake. … Continue reading

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Dark beginnings

Friday 5th May, 5 pm Eastern Time, 10 pm British Summer Time, 6 am Japan Standard Time! Smoke wafted up from the chimney of the perfectly normal small cottage, and perfectly normal clothing hung on the washing line outside, flapping … Continue reading

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Competition : Who is the biggest bully?

Advance notice : THREE DAY TAMER EVENT Round One : Friday 2nd June Round Two : Saturday 3rd June Round Three : Sunday 4th June 10 pm British Standard Time  / 5 pm Eastern Time Changes are coming to taming. … Continue reading

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Governors’ Meeting

21st April, 2017. 5 pm Eastern Time / 10 pm British Standard Time.   Blackthorn inspected the fortifications of the council chambers, and nodded approval. Any strange creature from the void who entered unannounced would deeply regret their impropriety. Energy snares, … Continue reading

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The Soulstealer Chapter III – Know thy enemy

15th April, 2017. 10 pm UK Time / 5 pm EST Blackthorn scowled at the scrolls before him. The report from the Black Watch was the most troublesome, but many other parties had reported disturbances and disappearances across the land. … Continue reading

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The Soulstealer Chapter II : The Black Watch

7th April 2017 10 pm UK time / 5 pm Eastern Commander Bhaltair scowled at the rejoined pieces of the scroll he had been handed. He could just make out a few letters of the signature – “T_oub_d_r”. So, these … Continue reading

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The Soulstealer Chapter I : Aftermath

Blackthorn leaned on his balcony, and stared out across the water, ignoring the illusory doppelgangers placed there for his own protection  It made no sense. People did not just disappear. At worst, their ghosts were sent scurrying across the landscape … Continue reading

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Void Pool Recognition

Saturday 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK It was the middle of May, and the year was 2016. Cora the sorceress, seeking forbidden knowledge, sent her minions forth. 43 stalwart defenders of Siege Perilous stepped forth to oppose her. For nine … Continue reading

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