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3rd Feb @ 5 pm EST : Siege Council Meeting

Serpents Hold, 3rd February, 5 pm EST. All are welcome. Just remember the rules! If you want to fight, fight outside. Otherwise, you get 3 dips in the moat, and then you’re banned for the rest of the evening!   … Continue reading

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Christmas time, deco looks fine!

Hello Siege! As you may have noticed, I’m slowly making my way around the towns, as and when I have time, making your banks look Christmassy! Unfortunately, I can’t do it all by myself. Not if you want everything done … Continue reading

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Event Summary for December 2017

Due to the elections, there will be no Siege Council meeting this month. If there are any urgent city-related issues, please email me at 

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Mesanna, Monuments, and More!

Malas. Home of the gleaming city of Luna, and the shadowed streets of Umbra. To some people, a wonderful land, to others, the place where those people live. Whatever your feelings about Malas, some people – quite a lot of … Continue reading

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Governors’ Fund Raisers : Minoc

Friday, 30th June 2017 10 pm BST / 5 pm EST A consistent complaint at Governors’ Council Meetings has been the state of the nation’s coffers. With a few exceptions, every town is struggling to maintain their chosen trade deal. The … Continue reading

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Town Banner

Application: Please send your banner applications to  These should include: 1. Town name 2. Town location (please leave a rune to your town in the EM Reward Hall mailbox) 3. Date the town was founded 4. Number of houses … Continue reading

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