Black Watch Paragon Party

Saturday 29th April.  10 pm British Summertime. 5 pm Eastern Time. 7 am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

“Commander Bhaltair, these men and women are going to be slaughtered!” thundered King Blackthorn, his fist making the heavy oak meeting table shake. “The Royal detective told me what happened on Fire Island! Apart from one well trained, small band of warriors, it was a massacre! Half the kingdom’s healers are exhausted from the effort of healing and restoring so many!”

“What you say is true, my king.” stated the commander of the Black Watch calmly “but you have to admit, they have great courage, and are exceedingly loyal to you. I can work with that. All they need is practice.”

“The first, I’ll give you. No one doubts their courage. Their loyalty, I do question. I have reports of bodies of these creatures being stacked in the town square, all dressed as me! How is that loyal?”

Several of the council members around the table tried, and failed, to suppress their laughter. A deep glare from the king almost managed to quiet them, but there were still a few muffled snorts and giggles.

“Sire” said Bhaltair “would that I could spare the men to investigate that insult to your good self, but every able bodied person needs to report for training. I have a plan.”

The king looked sideways in the direction of the Royal gamekeeper, who had disappeared under the table, overcome with laughter. “Yes? What about that one? I consider him able bodied, don’t you?”  The laughter stopped abruptly.

“Quite so, my lord. Quite so. Now, to the matter of training. I have reports of a large number of paragon beasts in a region of Ilshenar. Given the might of the creatures we have faced so far, I think that these beasts should provide a similar threat. The advantage is that we can face them one at a time, rather than as a great horde. From there, perhaps we can work it up to two or three at a time, until the warriors are fully trained and capable?”

“A sound suggestion, commander. And, as added incentive, we will allow the troops to keep any treasures that these beasts might carry – tax free! That should be sufficient reward for their efforts!”

“Indeed, my liege. I shall make it so.”

What you need to know:

  • Gates will be made available from the usual places.
  • Announcements will be made by town criers.
  • Reminders will be broadcast in general chat approx. 1 hour before the event.
  • Paragons are fast, and will lock onto you if you try to run away.
  • Ilshenar is most decidedly not in a guard zone.
  • Wandering healers, red and blue, will be around.
  • This is not a “drop” event, but you have a higher than usual chance of paragon chests.
  • Points will be awarded to anyone who has applied to join the Black Watch*
  • Points will not be awarded to member of “the resistance” for this event – but your day is coming! (Next week!) **

* You can apply to join the Black Watch by dropping a book with your character’s name, and “I would like to join the Black Watch” in the mailbox at the House of Commons (EM Hall) north of the Britain Moongate.

** If you can’t stand the thought of working for Blackthorn, and have no intention of following any of his laws, you can join the resistance, by dropping a book with your character’s name and “drop dead Blackthorn” or something similar in the same mailbox!  You can, of course, still come to the event!

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