Governors’ Council Meeting

Friday 19th May, 10 pm British Summertime, 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, midnight Moscow Standard Time

Catch up on current events, lay your petitions before the king, and relax in one of the chairs that your taxes paid for! You do pay taxes, don’t you?

What you need to know:

  • Gates will be provided from the usual places.
  • Town Criers will do their usual thing.
  • Reminders will be sent via general chat an hour beforehand.
  • This is a standard council meeting.
  • Governors will be expected to attend, and provide a report on the state of their town. If you cannot attend, please send a report or a representative.
  • Player-run town representatives are invited to attend.
  • All citizens are welcome. If you would like to ask the king something, either approach your representative/governor, or step forward yourself.
  • Please keep all combat outside the council chambers unless you are fond of dips in the moat.
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