Here there be dragons! (and drakes, and wolves, and poison elementals, and titans)

Saturday 20th May 2017, 10 pm – 1 am BST, 5 pm – 9 pm EST

King Blackthorn scowled at the books in front of him. The books rudely ignored his narrowing eyebrows and obstinately continued to show him the same figures. A pox on those delinquent tax men, wherever they might have vanished to!

For the sake of the tax men, he hoped that they had fallen prey to the being behind the foul creatures that currently stalked the land. That would be a far more merciful fate than the one he had planned for those who had let the finances fall into this condition! But the governors had pleaded almost as one – the problem was too big for them to solve alone.

As he paced up and down the corridors, deep in thought, Blackthorn found himself outside the Royal map room. Within were maps of many types – of the lands he stood in, of other realms that had been discovered, and some of places as yet unidentified. He turned the doorknob and strode inside.

There, towards the back of the vast room, was a smaller room, filled with box upon box of maps. The brass sign above the doorway simply read : “Maps, Treasure”. Nearby sat the elderly Royal Cartographer, squinting at a map through his elven lenses.

Charitable donations would not solve the problem at hand, but this – well, at the very least, the citizens would feel they had worked for the gold. Sitting here, in these boxes, those maps were doing nothing for the kingdom. But perhaps some of the citizens would be good enough to put a tithe of their findings into the town donation boxes. Perhaps.

What you need to know :

  • The Royal Cartographer will be leading a massive four-hour long treasure hunt, and will be doing the official digging. Royal maps cannot be traded to commoners, but maps found in chests are yours for the taking!
  • The king requests that some of the gold is donated to a town of your choosing.
    How much – all, nothing, or something in-between, is up to you.
  • It is extremely likely that all maps will be for places outside of guard zones.
  • Gates will be made available from the usual places.
  • Announcements will be made by town criers.
  • Reminders will be broadcast in general chat approximately 1 hour before the event.
  • The lowest level map that will be used will be Ingeniously drawn.
  • The new tamables will spawn when chests are dug up. (dragon wolf, frost drake, frost dragon)
  • The contents of the chests are a free-for-all to anyone in party.
  • Taming is open to anyone present – party membership is not required.
  • Keep in mind that party sizes are limited. However – as new maps are found, you are welcome to take them and branch out on your own digs, with your own party.

   When each new dig starts:

  • The location will be announced in general chat.
  • A new gate will be provided to/from the EM Hall

  When each dig has finished:

  • The chest will be destroyed.
  • The gate to/from the EM Hall will be removed.
  • A temporary gate to a stable will be provided for anyone who needs it.

Note: You may see a purple-robed lunatic madly running around the shard, trying to dig up as many level 7 treasure maps as possible. We make no apologies for anyone who gets eaten as a result of getting too close to this person.


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