Black Watch : Mandatory Monster Bashing

Saturday 27th May 2017, 5 pm EST / 10 pm GMT

“I appreciate the report, but there are more important issues at hand than a pile of rubble, loyal knight.” King Blackthorn told the messenger standing before him “You should also know that particular pile of rubble only holds unpleasant memories for me. I have no desire to do anything other than letting the grass grow over it, and the birds and creatures of the wild make their homes in it.”

“Aye Sire, I understand.” said the highly-polished knight “But it is not just the ruins of your old fortress that is a concern – you know of the tribesmen who live nearby? They are imperilled, just as our own citizens. Perhaps more so. Gigantic beasts have been seen prowling nearby. Not minions – something far worse.”

“Ah. I see. ” The king was thoughtful for a moment, then wrote something on a scroll, sealed it, and handed it to the knight.  “The Black Watch are gathering for festivities this eve. Hand the commander this, and tell him not to allow them to drink too much. They will need their wits about them.”

“Aye Sire.”

The knight bowed and turned, steel clanking on stone as he left.

What you need to know!

  • This is a Black Watch meeting.
  • There will be a significant role play element to it.
  • The first half of the event will be in a custom house.
  • The second half of the event will not be in a guard zone.
  • Please refrain from beating each other senseless until the second half.
  • The designs of the Black Watch uniforms will be revealed.
  • Those who have made application to join the Black Watch will receive their first sashes.
  • Please Note: Sashes are character bound. This means that. only the character who first wears a sash can ever wear that sash. You will want to keep yours, because if and when you are promoted, you will need to present your sash, so it can be updated. If you cannot present yours at a promotion ceremony, you will lose all points gained during your current rank, so it is probably worth obtaining a clothing bless deed.
  • After the ceremony, we will be heading to Ilshenar to investigate an incident in the Savage village.
  • This event will not feature a drop, but you do have a chance at paragon chests.
  • Gates will be made available from the usual places.
  • Announcements will be made by town criers.
  • Reminders will be broadcast in General Chat approximately one hour before the event starts.
Apologies that this event did not publish earlier – the soulless minions appear to be having a party inside the printing press.
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