Black Watch Investigations

Saturday 10th June 2017Exodus receives his trade deal bill

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Commander Bhaltair frowned at the Royal Detective’s report. This was not good news at all. Still, what was that old saying about “better the daemon you know”?

He had fought the ghastly offspring of Mondain and Minax before, or at least, tried to. His leg still hurt when the weather turned ill. Memories of being unceremoniously flung across the chamber, so hard that the brickwork shattered where his armored body hit it, still burned in his mind, as did the memories of the ceremony afterwards, in which many fallen knights were honored, and enshrined.

But, the report was correct. The being behind these ghastly soulless things that plagued the land was possessed of immense power and resources. Exodus had been greatly weakened at least once, and had returned. Dupre had reported him slain, but then, what did death actually mean to a creature such as that? Exodus, at peak strength, certainly fitted the description of “immense power and resources”. And, if these creatures were not Exodus’s doing, then was there an even greater power lurking out there somewhere?

He would need to investigate. Were the new recruits up to so great a challenge? Or would he be attending another memorial ceremony fairly soon?

What you need to know:

  • This is a Black Watch Event. Details of the Black Watch can be found here.
  • Moongates to the event location will be available from the usual places. Details can be found here.
  • Town Criers will announce the event.
  • Reminders will be made via General Chat approximately one hour before the event starts.
  • The event will mostly take place outside of a guard zone.
  • We will be going to The Exodus Encounter. We will make multiple attempts on Exodus.
  • This event requires a party. Party size is limited. Depending on how many people turn up, that could mean that some players may need to wait until a later attempt.
  • IMPORTANT: There will be a finite number of keys. If you are able to help, please collect as many keys as possible before the event. That way, if the party is full, we can run multiple parties. Thank you for your help!
  • There will be no drops, but Exodus does provide good loot.
  • Details of the Exodus Encounter can be found here.
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