Y.A.T.H! (Yet Another Treasure Hunt!)

Friday 16th June 2017

Start : 10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

End :  2 pm  BST / 9 pm EST

Last month, we dug. Oh, how we dug. We didn’t quite manage to dig all the way to Oceania, but we gave it a good old fashioned Siege try!

This month, since your bleary-eyed EM has recovered from the last night-long dig, we’re going to try again!

The arrangement will be the same as last month. For those who weren’t able to make it, here’s how it goes:

  • We will meet at the EM Hall.
  • The Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant will select a map at random, and teleport to its location.
  • A gate will then be sent back to the EM Hall to bring any interested players to that location.
  • A gate will be available to get back to the EM Hall.
  • There will be a hub at the EM Hall to get to any governor run town, in case you want to donate money to help with the various overpriced trade deals.
  • The Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant will dig up the chest.
  • The spawn is yours to do with as you will. Tame them, kill them, run away screaming, take them out for dinner and a movie – your choice! Several people got some nice frost dragons from this last time, and one or two dragon wolves were spotted. If a drake is more your speed, there were plenty of those as well.
  • A backpack will be placed on the ground for anyone to access, and all loot will be moved from the chest to the backpack item by item, so first come, first served.
  • If you are training imbuing, or looking for some good items to enhance, it would be a good idea to bring a pack llama or a beetle with you! So it’s an event for crafters, too!
  • Some of the maps will be for Ilshenar. We didn’t have any paragon spawn show up last time, but you never know what will happen!



What else you need to know:

  • Moongates to the event location will be available from the usual places. Details are here.
  • Town Criers will announce the event.
  • Reminders will appear in General Chat approximately one hour before the event.
  • The event will take place outside of a guard zone.

We will not be doing a treasure hunt EVERY month – unless there’s massive demand – , but I will try to have some form of event later into the night as regularly as possible, time and energy permitting!

Special thanks go to Mesanna for providing the level 7 maps!

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