Governors’ Fund Raisers : Minoc

Friday, 30th June 2017

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

A consistent complaint at Governors’ Council Meetings has been the state of the nation’s coffers. With a few exceptions, every town is struggling to maintain their chosen trade deal. The king has looked at the national budget, and determined that he has but three realistic choices:

  1. Impose a new tax on every citizen, which would be approximately 100,000 gold pieces per citizen per month.
  2. Fire the underperforming governors and hope that their replacements have greater financial acumen.
  3. Encourage the citizens to donate more gold, by providing them with the means, with entertainment, and with resources.

As King Blackthorn is a benevolent monarch, he chose the third option. The offer was therefore made to all governors to approach the throne to discuss methods by which funds might be raised. The first to step forward was a blind man, gifted with words and rhythm, though somewhat hard on the ears.

In the hope of preventing any further ballads the king has granted Minoc’s governor his request – namely that the Royal battalions be sent to march through the mines of Minoc, wearing their heaviest boots, in the hope that this might enrage enough elementals.

As the king discussed this idea with the Grandisonante Governor, it became apparent that it would give the hunters and mages something to fight. It would provide some gold for Minoc’s coffers, and it would provide the local crafters with ore for their wares. Some of the larger elementals might even provide something more.

The current term of office for all governors is coming to a close. This event, the king was told, would be a parting gift, should the townsfolks and citizens deem the governor unfit to run for a second term, or would perhaps provide sufficient funds to start the new term, should they decide to vote for him again.


Governors, please note : If you have an idea to raise funds for your town, please follow Governor’s Otto’s example, and contact the EM, the PEC or both. We are extremely happy to help you, and we know you are struggling.

What you need to know:

  • Gates to the event will be provided in the usual locations, but seriously – it’s in Minoc’s mines. Everyone knows where Minoc is.
  • Town criers will announce the event throughout the month
  • The event will be announced in General Chat an hour before the event.
  • Minoc has a guard zone. The mines do not. The monsters will be in the mines, and possibly shambling around outside it. Some may wander into the town.
  • Guards will NOT protect you from monsters. They will protect you (as much as they ever do) from other players.
  • There will be a wandering healer or four around the place somewhere.
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