The Black Watch update – May 2017

Greetings Siege.

I have been inundated with questions regarding the Black Watch, (and their rebellious counterparts who are still deciding on a name.) So here is an attempt to clear some things up.

  1. The old guard. If you were a member of the RBG (Royal Britannian Guard) you are considered to be a veteran. Your new sash will reflect this – e.g. Black Watch Captain (Veteran) You will need to prove your membership by showing your RBG sash at a Black Watch ceremony. This will give you a ten point bonus. Multiple sashes do not mean multiple bonuses.
  2. Every time you are promoted, you “spend” the number of points needed to get to your new rank. Take WyRm in the example below. He has a total of 44 points. His promotion from Soldier, 2nd class to Soldier, 1st class used 5 of those points, leaving him with 39 points. His next promotion, from Soldier, 2nd class to Second Lieutenant, used 10 points, leaving him with 29 points. His promotion to Lieutenant used 10 more points, leaving him with 19 points. He therefore needs one more point to make it to Captain.  
  3. The only people receiving sashes today will be those who have applied to join the Black Watch, and who are present. If you have applied, but cannot be present, relax – let me know, and I will try to track you down in-game. Sashes will not be given to anyone other than the named character who applied to join.
  4. If you want to be in the Black Watch, you need to apply. Membership is not automatic, no matter how many events you turn up for. Full details, including how to earn points, are available here . I have kept records of players who turned up to events, but did not apply up till now, but I will not be updating those records after today. Bottom line, if you want to be in the Watch, make sure I know about it! (i.e. drop a book with your character’s name and something like “Black Watch Application” into the mailbox at the EM Hall near Brit moongate)
  5. There will be an official roll call at the start of all Black Watch events from now on so that I can better keep track of who gets points.My current “take a screenshot with all names showing” method is a bit too unreliable.
  6. The Rebellion (or whatever they want to be called) will get their ceremony sometime in the near future, as well as their sashes!
  7. We now have a headquarters! (Thank you Mesanna!!!) Some shadowy figure may have given a few players a preview of it last month, but we’ve dusted and cleaned, and it’s ready for you to crack open an ale and try out the facilities!

If anything else is unclear, please let me know. I will add to the FAQ as necessary. If you have suggestions, requests, ideas, or anything else, please let me know those, too! If you think something that I’ve posted about the Watch so far is completely insane, I want (need?) to hear that as well!

Lastly, here are the points which I currently have. These are the ranks that will be handed out at the first ceremony that you attend. These do NOT include veteran sashes. If you think you should be on the list, or think your points are horribly wrong, please contact me. If your name is on the list and you have no intention of joining, let me know that too.

So, here it is.  (If the table below does not show up on Stratics, view it at )

CharacterRankCurrent Points
a black ninjaSoldier, 2nd class1
AltSoldier, 2nd class4
BaalSoldier, 2nd class1
Bastian WindwongSoldier, 2nd class1
BeccaSoldier, 1st class1
BoSoldier, 2nd class1
BrutusSoldier, 2nd class4
CalaveraSoldier, 2nd class5
ChargarSoldier, 2nd class1
CharismaSoldier, 1st class0
ChazSoldier, 2nd class4
Chlorz FangSoldier, 2nd class4
ChumleeSoldier, 2nd class1
DionysisSoldier, 1st class5
Diva the TraderSoldier, 2nd class1
Event HorizonSoldier, 1st class5
FeljeenerSoldier, 2nd class1
GenesisSoldier, 2nd class1
GrimlexSoldier, 2nd class1
HarabecSoldier, 2nd class4
HoffsSoldier, 1st class8
HoldinD'sNutsSoldier, 1st class0
Igg A PieSoldier, 1st class9
Kenzie MoriSoldier, 2nd class2
KlemanSoldier, 2nd class1
Luka MelehanSoldier, 2nd class2
lupeSoldier, 2nd class1
lupitaSoldier, 2nd class1
MagichandsSoldier, 1st class1
MaloSoldier, 1st class3
MandolinSoldier, 2nd class1
Max BlackoakSoldier, 2nd class2
MerkdSoldier, 2nd class1
Natalia MaraisSoldier, 1st class2
NicoSoldier, 2nd class3
RazzianSoldier, 2nd class2
Ron FellowsSoldier, 2nd class3
SarahSecond Lieutenant2
Sarah-annSoldier, 2nd class2
SargatanzaSoldier, 1st class2
SaudadeSoldier, 1st class7
sielSoldier, 2nd class0
SihvebiSoldier, 2nd class2
SingularitySoldier, 1st class1
SpyderbiteSoldier, 1st class2
StaticSoldier, 1st class0
StevenSoldier, 1st class1
StoneHandsSoldier, 1st class0
Storm (KattasropheSoldier, 1st class3
SusieSoldier, 1st class4
TanagerSoldier, 1st class0
TangentSoldier, 2nd class1
TaylorSoldier, 1st class0
Toth UrZrethiSoldier, 1st class2
TyrSoldier, 2nd class2
ViremSoldier, 2nd class3
XanzuSoldier, 1st class5
YorkSoldier, 2nd class2

Some ways to get in touch:

  • email me at
  • Drop a book in the mailbox at the EM Hall, north of Britain moongate
  • Speak to me in-game.
  • Reply to this post, either at, or in the feed to Stratics.

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One Response to The Black Watch update – May 2017

  1. CharGar says:

    I am so very sorry I couldn’t come to the Black Watch yesterday. I am on the list having 1 HUGE point. 🙂 I would love to still get my sash. I don’t have access to that email yet, so if you could just holler in game, that would be great!