We have a winner!

It was not easy.

There were many fantastic entries. If I had my way, I’d combine them all into a massive, multi-level tower reaching above the clouds of Siege, towards the moons that power and guide our moongates

The finalists were:

.Miss Echo
Sara Dale
with honorable mention to Sargatanza, for a truly inventive design.

But, this is Siege, and only one valiant architect could be left standing, PK’ing all the opposition with a pointy pair of compasses, lethal whacks from a set-square, and a rez-kill with a stainless steel ruler!

So, without further ado, let me announce that the great and glorious Mesanna has chosen the winner, and decreed that the Legendary Architect who won the “Redesign the EM Hall Contest” is –



*another drumroll*


*further ado, and yet another drumroll*


*even more drumrolls*


Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!

Sara Dale, Legendary Architect!


Well done Sara! Work will begin on transforming the EM Hall into your fabulous design shortly!

And thank you to everyone who entered – the time, the effort, and the creativity you all put into your houses was incredible!

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