Mesanna, Monuments, and More!

Malas. Home of the gleaming city of Luna, and the shadowed streets of Umbra. To some people, a wonderful land, to others, the place where those people live.

Whatever your feelings about Malas, some people – quite a lot of them – have chosen to call it home.

And because of those people, today we had the honour of a visit from the Great Lady Mesanna herself! For today, two settlements on Siege gained recognition for their sense of community, their building efforts, and their determination to stick together!

So congratulations to the City of Mother Lode, west of Umbra, and the Town of UWSP – United Workers of Siege Perilous – a little way south of Luna! For today, both of you were recognised!

First, here is my new favourite picture of Siege, showing the Glorious Lady herself, as she brought forth Mother Lode’s town monument out of thin air and lava!

Isn’t she magnificent, rising from the flames?   *ahem*

That was the start of the monument. Here is the finished article. Pay no attention to the glacial cat-onion.

Then, as the fireworks subsided, it was on to UWSP town. Thankfully, there were no marauding minons about. Not that they would have been a threat to our Great Lady Mesanna, but who would want to inconvenience her in that way?

The work began – complete with Tanager and a glacial cat. Or was that a glacial Onion?


After trying several designs, this masterpiece rose from the ground, bringing a fair amount of smoke and fire with it!

We finished off the tour with Onion the Glacial Cat inviting Mesanna to see his fine home. She graciously accepted, and even gave those present some pies to remember the occasion!


So, congratulations to both fine establishments! May your citizens prosper, may your wares sell, and may your communities thrive!

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