Saturday July 15th : Siege Council meeting

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST


King Blackthorn welcomes all new and re-elected governors! Also, welcome to all town representatives!



What you need to know

  • Gates will be provided from the usual places.
  • Town Criers will do their usual thing.
  • Reminders will be sent via general chat an hour beforehand.
  • This is a standard council meeting.
  • Governors will be expected to attend, and provide a report on the state of their town. If you cannot attend, please send a report or a representative.
  • Player-run town representatives are invited to attend.
  • All citizens are welcome. If you would like to ask the king something, either approach your representative/governor, or step forward yourself.
  • Please keep all combat outside the council chambers unless you are fond of dips in the moat.
  • Please leave your pets outside. Any pets found in the council chamber will receive a complimentary bath in the moat.
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