Happy July 4th

Ad-hoc, spur of the moment, event

Far beneath his illusory cottage, Juxmani sat and plotted. The attack on the king’s mages had gone well, but the king had quadrupled the guard on all entry points to the castle, and was now somehow blocking gates to key areas. A direct assault was not going to work – not for now. So what to do, what to do?

He looked down the fairly short list of people who had agreed to join him against the king, and sighed. Perhaps the people’s hearts simply weren’t in it. Or were they? Perhaps they just needed a little push. He grabbed a quill pen and started to write.

Soon, the markets across the land were strewn with scrolls protesting the taxes on their sales, the lack of really fresh fruit, the pickpockets in the marketplace (put there by Juxmani, of course) and the terrible stench from the pig pens. All of them pointing the finger at King Blackthorn.

Soon, a crowd began to gather outside Castle Blackthorn. Nothing that the guards couldn’t handle, but it would certainly make the king sit up and think. Maybe even sweat a little.

Meanwhile, near Compassion moongate, several large, scaled heads gazed down at a scroll that had blown through the moongate.

“What do you make of it?” rumbled a huge, golden dragon

“Just more human foolishness” growled a smaller, white dragon.

“Perhaps, perhaps. But we are also kept in our place by this Blackthorn’s armies, are we not? Perhaps we need to look for our independence, too? Or take it away from the humans?” asked a large blue dragon

They turned, and looked at the moongate as a hapless adventurer chose that exact moment to step through.



Have fun, Siege!

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