Saturday 29th July : What lies Beneath?

10 pm BST / 5 pm EST

Far across the void, the beast bristled as one after another enslaved soul brought back its report.

First, the scouting parties it had sent had returned good news. This “Siege” was weak, unprotected,. ripe for plunder. Easy pickings.

The first forays had gone well, indeed. Souls had been taken, and the ranks of minions, as well as the food stores, had grown. And grown.

But that success had been short lived. The worshippers that had been established had been slaughtered. The armies sent to take new ground had been eradicated. And now, the primal hatchery had been found, and production halted.

This would not stand. The hatchery was vital to success! With a gesture, the beast sent minions pouring through a portal, followed by a squad of hatchery constructors, to effect repairs. Then, a swarm of the newer minions it had been moulding, to claim the world’s waterways.

This was a setback, to be sure. But it was one that the 2-legged creatures would regret, and pay for with their souls.


What you need to know

  • Gates to the starting point of the event will be made available in the usual places
  • Guard Zone? What guard zone? We spit on your guard zones. Ptooie!
  • Town Criers will give general details all month
  • Black Watch members who attend will receive attendance points. There is no need for uniform unless you want to wear it – your battle gear is probably of higher quality!
  • Wandering Healers will probably pop in at random, if they feel they’re needed.


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