4th August – Treasure & Taming


What you need to know

  • You want good loot? We’ve got good loot!
  • You want a chance to tame a frost dragon? You’ve come to the right event!
  • Angry, bloodthirsty monsters? Check!
  • A chance to hang out with the cute and bouncy Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant? Yep!
  • A chance of being raided by PKs? Naah, this is Siege. Perfectly safe. Uh, huh.
  • Moongates – weird pink ones – will appear at the usual places.
  • More angry, bloodthirsty monsters? Check!
  • Guard Zone? We will start in a guard zone. We may even end in a guard zone. From time to time, we might visit a guard zone. But most of the time? No guard zone. But this is Siege! What could possibly happen?
  • Tons of stuff for trainee imbuers? We’ve got that too!
  • A really tiny chance at part of a coffin? Yeah, I guess. Haven’t seen one yet.
  • Even more angry, bloodthirsty monsters? You betcha!
  • Will it go on for hours and hours until the EM falls asleep in a treasure chest? Oh yeah – after all, I’m a masochist, and you guys are totally worth it.
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