August’s Fishing Contest


So, the Seeker Fish was hard to find. You might say it took much seeking. Or perhaps you might not. Perhaps the taste of fish that lives near a Minotaur is not to your liking? Very well.

How about a Great Barracuda instead?

The rules are the same as before – whoever leaves the largest Great Barracuda in the EM Hall’s mailbox before the stroke of midnight on the 31st of August, will get their name on a suitably fishy trophy.

For those who don’t manage to catch a Great Barracuda, we are still continuing our search for the biggest fish of 2017. This is a fish named “A Big Fish”. The current contender is on display in the EM hall. Beat that weight, drop it into the mailbox, and see if you win!

If you want your fish back after the event, please leave a book, or a rune, or something indicating where to deliver it to. Oh, and make sure your mailbox is publicly accessible, too – I don’t want a reputation for breaking and entering unless I’m doing a Santa-based event. If you don’t leave anything, I’ll assume that you don’t want it back.

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