12th August – Confrontation!

A hush fell over the hatchery, as the last minion’s corpse yielded no more treasure. The adventurers looked around, expecting another attack. But none came. A master of beasts applied a magical bandage to her dragon, while nearby, a mage cast healing spells on his friends. The huge, blue-hued bodies of the architects lay around the room, flickers of vile, stolen soul energy wafting upwards from their grotesque forms.

As one, the group moved towards the teleporter that would lead them back to the Black Watch’s barracks. Still, no attack came. No ambush. Just an unearthly silence, broken only by the sound of their boots marching back home. But why did this not feel like a victory?

“It’s not dead, you know” said a tall elf. “It’ll come for us again.”

A tinker-mage nodded, tossing trap after trap into the debris. “Let it.” he said. “It’ll regret it.”

The huge, blood-stained telescope turned slightly, silently, unnoticed by the departing party. A massive eye opened, and gazed through the portal that hung before the telescope.

“I began with no army. I rose to power with no army. I consumed whole worlds without an army. And yet you – you pathetic Britannians – you think me beaten? Your souls will be my food, and your soulless forms will serve me. You think you have won? Your hope is a tiny thing, without power, lacking imagination, and devoid of intellect. I will devour it in less time than it takes to measure how exceptionally small and worthless you all are”

A huge, inhuman form began to move across the ruins of the hatchery, soulfire rising from every corpse and flowing towards it, as the Soulstealer arose, turned in the direction the party had gone, raised huge claws towards the roof, and began to chant in words not heard before the world was born…

What you need to know

Nothing. You’re all doomed. Give up now. Hide under your beds, for all the good that will do you.

What? Still here? Oh, all right then…

  • Gates will appear at the usual locations.
  • Announcements will be made an hour before the event starts
  • The event will take place outside of a guard zone. Don’t let that stop you.
  • This will be an extremely tough encounter. Don’t let that stop you either.
  • This battle will probably go on for a long time. Speak to a cook who owns a coffee plant or two.
  • You don’t want to miss this one.


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