19th August – Siege Council Meeting

All are welcome. Details of what to expect during a council meeting can be found at siege.uoem.net, in the FAQ, and in the section regarding governors meetings.

The council chambers are a non-aggression zone. First, no pets. Second, anyone found killing, stealing, attacking, or generally being disruptive gets three dips in the moat, and then a ban for the duration of the meeting. You can complain all you like, Blackthorn isn’t listening.

As usual, gates to the meeting will pop up in the usual places. They’re the funny looking pink ones. Any king manly enough to use pink moongates can’t possibly be a zombie – can he?

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2 Responses to 19th August – Siege Council Meeting

  1. Michael Clevenger says:

    assuming 5pm ET?

  2. EM Kincaid says:

    Yes. I was slightly delayed in posting event details and times, because of planning for the 20th Anniversary events – but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth the wait!