18th August 9pm EST – The Champion of Siege, 2017

Take a stick. No, the big one over there -thaaat’s the one. Now, see your friend over there? Currently looking out the window? Quietly sneak up behind him, and whack him over the head with your stick.

What do you mean, you don’t want to?  What are you doing on Siege, anyway? Wimp!

This weekend, by popular request, there will be a PvP tournament.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • No pets. Not even in the audience. There is a stable at the Bull Ring nearby if you need to stable your pets.
  • No tag-teaming.
  • This is one-on-one. No gank squads allowed. No zergs.
  • Summons ARE allowed.
  • No audience “assistance”.
  • Cursing (medieval style), insults, and the use of UO Curse (if you still have a copy), are mandatory.
  • Any weapons, potions, spells, and other gear is allowed. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This is an “anything goes” PvP tournament.
  • When I say “anything goes” that does not include non-combatant PKing, looting, stealing, or general disruption of the event. Those things will get you booted, and no, I won’t listen to whining in GC after you’ve been booted. This is your only warning.

How this works:

Based on the poll I ran through July, this event will start at 9 pm EST.  It will run until we have a champion.

If you can’t make it at that time, or can only stay for an hour, please don’t sign up. Rather come along and support from the audience.

If you can take part, and want to, please sign up below, stating your character’s name.  I don’t need to know your skill-set, but you are welcome to state it if you want to.

I will put all names into a hat, and draw them out in twos. That will form the basis for round one of the contest.

If you are not present when your name is called, you forfeit the round, and are out of the competition. Sorry.

If you have to leave – no matter how good a reason you have – you are out of the competition. Sorry.

The winners of round one will go back into the hat, and be drawn out in twos. And so on, and so on, until last man (or woman!) standing.

That champion will get their name on a really nice trophy, to be displayed at the EM Hall for a while, and then on permanent display at the reward hall.

Other things you need to know

This will take place outside of a guard zone.

It will take place in the arena of the Black Watch Barracks. If you haven’t seen this, there is a gate to it outside the EM Hall in Britain.  This building is NOT in a guard zone.

If the building proves to be unsuitable for any reason, we will relocate to one of the public arenas.

Gates will appear at the usual places, an hour before the event.

Good luck, and may the best fighter (or the sneakiest) win!

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