The Great Vesper Bank Robbery

The Great Vesper Bank Robbery – 2nd September, 5 pm EST

“But Captain”, protested Governor Spyderbite, “You don’t understand!”

“Governor Spyderbite, it is you who does not seem to understand. My men are the best in Vesper – possibly even in the entirety of Britannia. A crime has been committed, and we will see justice done!”

“But – ” spluttered Spyderbite, “but – ”

“Governor, your protests are only delaying the inevitable. We do not allow criminals to simply get away with this type of behaviour! I would think a man in your position would have a deeper appreciation of that! This is beneath you! Accept this like a man!”

“But they stole from ME!” the black-robed man whined, playing with his chain of office, then putting it safely into a pocket, just in case the robbers were still about. “You cannot imagine the value *cough* the sentimental value of what was in those chests!”

“Yes, and a great many other citizens of Vesper have lost their savings as well. As I said, my men are on the case. Robbing the bank of Vesper is not something that we can allow anyone to get away with. We will most assuredly find these perpetrators, and give them their just deserts!”

“I don’t care about pudding!” exploded the governor “I just want my safety deposit chests back! In exactly the same state I last saw them!”

“We will do our jobs, sir. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to make enquiries.”

Spyderbite trudged off, muttering something about “if they find my ledgers…”

Soon, wanted posters were all across the area, nailed to many a tree.

Wanted for Bank Robbery : The Purple Llama Gang


What you need to know:

  • For once, Spyderbite is innocent. Of this particular crime, anyway.
  • Gates will appear at their usual locations. So, if you see a metalic pink moongate, it’ll take you to the start of the event.
  • A very small amount of the event will be inside a guard zone.Most of it won’t be.
  • Announcements will be made an hour before the event, in General Chat.
  • Town Criers will give basic details of the event.
  • Feel free to donate any extra loot to Vesper. Or a town of your choice. Or yourself.




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