Khumash Gor : The laughing daemon

The Laughing Daemon – 8th September, 5 pm EST

Arcadion the daemon was enjoying his freedom. Erethian’s binding of the creature into a mirror on the Isle of Fire had been – – – unpleasant. His fury had grown immeasurably when the dragon Dracothraxus had stolen his only way out of his prison, the Ether Gem. He had, for a moment, thought himself free, only to find he had traded one prison for another, a more mobile one, under a new master. Accepting his new servitude in resignation, he bonded with the Black Sword on request, giving it powers, and enabling it to be used to destroy Dracothraxus.

But now, he was free. The mortals battle with the Soulstealer, along with other strange events, had weakened his prison’s walls, and he had broken free. He had briefly walked the Obsidian fortress, but finding little of use there, had now returned to Britannia.

The fun was about to begin. He threw back his terrible head, and laughed.


What you need to know

  • Gates will appear at the usual locations.
  • Town criers will give basic details of the event
  • Announcements will be made in General Chat an hour before the event starts
  • This is part of the Shattered Obelisk Event Arc. Read about that at
  • Arcadion is a part of Ultima Lore. Feel free to go and look him up.
  • This will take place far outside of a guard zone.


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