Treasure Hunting Time

Treasure Hunt! 22nd September, 5 pm EST, for at least 3 hours

The scenario, as you’re probably used to by now, is this:

The Royal archaeologist will dig here, there and everywhere.

All the loot will find its way into your hands – the hard part will be keeping it in your hands if

your fellow citizens of Siege covet it badly enough!

The lowest level map will be level 6. We give thanks to Glorious Mesanna for the level 7 maps, may her name be praised and small pastries sacrificed in her name.

This is also a great chance for animal tamers to get some help taming ice dragons and other chest dwellers. Although I’m still trying to work out how you fit an ice dragon inside a chest that can only hold 125 items.

What you need to know

  • This event carries on pretty much until your EM is ready to drop. So, if you’re on sometime in the 3 hours after 10 pm EST, come and join us!
  • Gates to the latest map will constantly come and go outside the EM Hall. Again, join us any time.
  • We haven’t had a map inside a guard zone yet, and probably never will have. Dress accordingly!
  • These events are supposed to support our governors, so, if you feel like donating any of your loot to a specific town, great. If not, nobody will actually know. So – your call!
  • Reminders will be made in General Chat an hour before the event, and the Town Criers will probably be shouting about it as well throughout the month.



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