Awaken the Seer

Awaken the Seer – September 30th, 5 pm EST

Mariah of Moonglow continued to worry about the Seer Naxatilor. Struck down at the start of the current troubles, he had still not regained consciousness. But, there had been tales of numerous brigands, and worse, on the roads. Who knew what would meet her if she tried to journey back to him?

She gathered all the healing herbs she could find, checked the potions the adventurers had gathered for her, and then gathered her courage. Perhaps the others could help her to reach him? And perhaps, once awakened, he would speak of things to come…

What you need to know

  • Gates will appear at the usual locations.
  • Announcements will be made in-game an hour before we start.
  • We will journey to Ter Mur with mariah to help awaken Naxatilor and hopefully hear his latest prophecy.
  • Most of this will take place outside of a guard zone.


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