All EM Events for September 2017


Now, to the matter of time zones.

I have tried. Anyone with a conscience will admit that I have really, really, really tried to help everyone in every time zone to understand when events are happening.

I considered a kickstarter to pay for phone calls, so I could call everyone who wants a reminder of events before hand, but then I had a better idea. Besides, do you really want me striking up a conversation with your better half? Or worse yet, your mother?

So, that better idea. Here we go.

Below, are two graphics.

Save these images, then open them in something better than a web browser. Print them out full size, and stick both onto stiff cardboard. These are for A4 paper, but feel free to blow them up to A0 if that floats your boat.

Cut the smaller one out, position it above the bigger one, and push a split pin or some other useful implement through the middle of both.

You now have a handy dandy time zone wheel. If you don’t like the quality of the graphics or the text, you now have the basic outline, feel free to submit your own designs. I know we have a lot of creative sorts out there. Let’s see your designs!

And, that one guy who lives on Mars and misses Ultima Words of Adventure 2, I’m sorry that I left you out. One day I’ll have a map of all time and space, but that’s not happening this month.

Don’t say I never do anything for you guys. But I do love you all, most sincerely.

Outer (back) wheel

Inner (front) wheel

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