The Three Principles : Truth

October 7th  5 pm EST

As the Titans of Pagan and their forces rumbled across the land, not all the population fled in terror.

Indeed, some of the citizens welcomed their new elemental overlords with glee. Altars were erected, Temples were built, and blood sacrifices were made in their names. Very soon, the foolish, the weak of will, and those who desired power had gathered and formed cults for the worship of anti-virtue.

The scholars of Moonglow gathered around their books, gathering knowledge, preparing to strike back at these falsehoods, and free the minds of these foolish citizens.

But then, the cult leaders met with Pyros, bringing a sacrifice of every water-born creature they could find. Seeing the spawn of his age-old antagonist lying butchered filled him with glee, and he gave the cultists his blessing – a blessing of power.

“Truth is merely words.” whispered Pyros in their minds “Destroy those who know the words, burn the books that hold the words, and where is your Truth?”

Slowly, menacingly, they turned towards Moonglow, their eyes on the Lyceum, and those who huddled within…

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