November 18th at 5 pm EST : The Three Principles, Part Two

The cult begun by the Pagan Titans continued to work its way across the land, like a sickness.

Despite the victories over the Titans, despite the celebrations in Britain, many felt wronged, somehow. It didn’t take much. Some had rewards from the king for fighting the titans, some had not. Some had won strange weapons from the followers of the titans, some had not. Some were simply fated to never be happy with their lot, and needed little excuse to throw in with the cultists – some needed more persuasion. Some were easily bought with offers of gold, power and fame.

In any case, there was a common thread – the hatred that was being stirred up in their hearts. And so, it came to pass that the place that had once housed the altar of love in Empath Abbey was desecrated, and many of the monks murdered. Strange sounds had been heard coming from the compassion desert, and the Royal Guard found someone trying to sell the great heart from the Compassion Shrine in New Magincia’s marketplace!

King Blackthorn read these reports, and pondered. This cult needed to be stopped, most certainly – but how did one build up love, while opposing a hate-filled enemy with blades and spells?

He had a feeling that it would be easier to answer that question once all cultists were in the dungeon or the graveyard – but what of the second principle? How did that apply to destructive enemies?

What you need to know

  • No, nobody is asking you to love monsters and cultists to death. Just hit them.
  • Gates will be available at the usual places.  The list can be found here.
  • Some of this will be in a guard zone, some it will be outside. Dress appropriately. The Compassion Shrine is in a desert – I hate getting sand in my robe.
  • No, I still won’t tell you if there are drops. There will be loot. There will be fun. Come along!
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