November 25th, 5 pm EST : Treasure Hunt

What you need to know

  • We will dig up multiple treasure chests. How many depends on time, and how many players want to keep on digging. So theoretically, this event could go all night, or until the EM collapses.
  • When the chest is dug up, backpacks will be placed on the ground and gradually filled with the contents of the chest. Please do not remove these backpacks.
  • From the moment that a backpack is placed, you are welcome to help yourself to whatever you can grab from inside that backpack.
  • Anything that is not grabbed will be taken back to the House of Commons (EM Hall) when the chest is empty. The backpack will be locked down, with access set to everyone. So, it’s sometimes worth checking them the day after the treasure hunt – especially if you are training imbuing, or want “Clean up” points.
  • If you want to tame any of the monsters that come out of the chest, please let the group know. This will prevent your potential pet from being murdered, and the other players will try to help you subdue it. Of course, not everything works out perfectly all the time…
  • After every chest, we will return to the EM Hall. While we are doing a chest, a gate to the location will be opened from the hall. So, keep checking in – you can join or leave us whenever you like.
  • The location of the maps varies (Mostly Fel, some Ilshenar, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur), but the lowest we will ever dig up is a level 6 map.
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