All EM Events for November 2017


First, yes, all events in November will be on Saturdays. I apologise to those who like their Friday evening events, but circumstances this month have left me with absolutely no available time on Fridays. We should be back to normal next month, whatever normal passes for around here!

Second, a lot of people have been emailing me asking which events will give drops. Well, first, it’s pretty easy to figure out that you won’t get a drop at the Siege Council Meeting (most of the time) and it’s pretty easy to figure out that you won’t get a drop while treasure hunting. So, that generally leaves two weekends (occasionally 3) in the month when you might get a drop. Anything beyond that, I’m not talking. Come along for the fun, come along for the community, come along to moan at the EM if you want to – I can take it! Just – come along! But I will not tell you exactly when a drop is going to occur, and I will not tell you how many drops are likely to occur. I’m here to entertain, not to make you rich. If you get rich as a side-effect of me entertaining you, that’s a happy coincidence.

Third, I’ve had a lot of emails asking for more PvP events. Just as soon as I can work out a way to keep everyone happy, you’ll get another one. So, be patient – it’ll probably be in December or January. Although, a Valentine’s Day Massacre could be fun…!


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