December 9th – The 3 Principles Part III : Courage

5 pm EST – Dungeon crawling time!

The group of madmen stood enraptured at their leader’s words, their blades shining in the moonlight, blood fresh from their recent sacrifice pooled around their bare feet. It all made perfect sense. How had they not seen this before? It was all so simple. Their leader’s voice rose in pitch, almost shrieking :

“We have struck at their fortress of love! We have driven stakes through their supposed truth! Now, we will take their courage from them, and they will NEVER stand against our masters again!!!

Chanting and gyrating like the possessed, the robed group spun across the landscape, into the harbour, and began swimming towards Serpent’s Hold, daggers clenched in their teeth.

Unfortunately, they had chosen the exact same moment that a shoal of sea serpents had begun their annual migration towards Nu’jelm, and that was the end of them.

Their leader, panic stricken, managed to make his way back to shore, and fled screaming through the trees, until a large, dark cavern beckoned him in. This would do. Dungeons were a great source of fear – what better place to destroy courage?

He had just finished the incantation that the Titans had taught him, watching with an almost innocent grin as the air began to split and open, when a large, hairy hand appeared on his shoulder.

“You am me’s food?” asked the troll hopefully. When all it received was a gurgling scream, it decided the answer must be “yes”, and dragged the hapless cultist away into the dungeon.

Where he had stood, the air split with a resounding crash, and a dark, inhuman foot stepped through…


What you need to know:

  • Not a huge amount. You’re probably going to die, so don’t bother coming. Bye, now.
  • Still here? Oh, all right… gates to the EM hall will appear during the hour before the event, and the town criers will announce the event. So will Harold, in General Chat.
  • This will be outside of the guard zone, and healers will be in short supply – so bring a friend who knows how to rez you, and how to stay alive him/herself!
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