December Fishing Event – Winter Dragonfish

November’s contest was a free-for-all – if it was a fish, it was eligible to enter!

The winner of November’s contest was Mapario Naharis, with a 181 stone Big Fish.

That fish will also be entered into the “Big Fish of the Year” contest, and will be mounted at the Reward Hall. Congratulations!

On to December!

What more appropriate for December than the Winter Dragonfish?

So, pull on your warmest fishing gear, bait those lines, and get hunting!

Drop all the fish you catch in the mailbox at the EM Hall.

The largest Winter Dragonfish in the mailbox by the end of December wins, and will have their fish mounted in the reward hall.

Also remember the ongoing contest for the biggest fish of the year – any “big fish” you catch can also be thrown into the EM’s smelly mailbox!

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