December 31st – The Death of 2017

Hello Siege!

I have no idea how many of you will be around at the end of the year, and with all our different time zones, it makes it hard to ring in the New Year together. So, let’s kill the old one instead!

I have a completely empty, undecorated, very large dungeon, just waiting to be filled with blood.

This dungeon will be made available for you, only for the last day of the year.

You are invited to fight in it, to simply wander around it, to bring your pets to train there, or to use the ground for decorating. Whatever you want. I’d be really happy to see you set up your own PvP tournament there – but the choice is yours.

Oh, and there will be dark wisps appearing now and then.

From time to time, I will drop by, and rename a wisp for a passing player, and the year – e.g. “Sid of Skara survived 2017”. There will be a chance – a small chance, but a chance – that wisp will drop a paragon chest. I won’t be there all day and all night, but I will drop by several times on the day.

So, Happy Old Year, Siege. I hope you’ve enjoyed 2017’s events!

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