Feb 10th @ 5 pm EST : The Mysterious Case of Queen Blackthorn

“Make way for the Queen!” bellowed the footman, as the carriage trundled down the main road of Trinsic “Make way for her Royal Highness!”

Heads popped out of windows all along the road. “Queen?” asked a merchant, as the footman passed “What Queen?!?”

“Her Royal Highness, Queen Blackthorn the first, fairest amongst women, finest Jewel of Britannia’s crown, most glorious sovereign of all Sosaria! Make way!” yelled the footman

“What? Old Blackthorn finally got married?” “I didn’t know there was a wedding!” “You’d think the town criers would have said something, useless lot!”

The comments and complaints became a low rumble from the townsfolk, as confusion spread through the town.

The carriage carefully avoided the rubble in the road as it neared Trinsic’s largest bank, and came to a halt outside.

A large guard, dressed in red and gold, strode away from the carriage, and banged heavily on the front door of the bank. “Manager! Your Queen demands you presence!”

A small, nervous looking man stuck his head out the doors. “Yes? What is all this commotion? Can I help you?”

“We have come to collect the gracious wedding present that your town offered to Her Majesty, Queen Blackthorn, to celebrate her union with the king! The Queen was so taken with your generosity, she has come in person to offer her thanks!” intoned the guard.

The door of the carriage swung open, and a tall woman emerged, smiling and waving to the crowd.  “All hail Queen Blackthorn!” bellowed the footman “Honor and glory to her majesty!”

The bank manager spluttered and gaped. “What gift? I wasn’t informed of any gift!”

The guard glared at him “Why, a carriage load of gold and precious jewels, just as it said in the letter from the governor’s office! I hope you have it all ready! Her Majesty has come all this way – I’d hate to see her disappointed.  The consequences… ”  He drew his sword ever so slightly from its scabbard. The bank manager gulped.

“Well, if the governor approved it – ” he started, before being cut off in mid-sentence by the guard.  “Excellent! I’ll come in and start loading up the carriage with your gift then!”

Later that day, after the last of the cheering crowds had dispersed, and the last merchant was trying to sell hastily put-together royal souvenirs, the governor of Trinsic came riding back into town, tired from a long inspection of the area’s bridges.

“What is all this in the streets? Ribbons? Palm leaves? What happened here?”

“It was the Queen, sir. She came to collect the gift you promised her!” said the bank manager, appearing at his elbow suddenly. “I hope you have plenty of people lined up to do trade runs, because we haven’t got much gold left!”

“You gave what to who?!?” asked the governor, mouth agape.

“The Queen, sir. Queen Blackthorn.”

Far away, another small, weedy man finished counting the day’s takings into large wooden chests, and ticked them off on his clipboard. It had been a good day – unless you happened to live in Trinsic.


What you need to know:

  • Most of this event will take place outside the guard zone.
  • Gates will appear at all the usual places about half an hour before the event.
  • Hard luck to all those ladies who wanted to marry Blackthorn – looks like he’s spoken for!


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