Feb 16 @ 5 pm EST : Treasure Hunting

Gold, gold, gold.

Gold, gold, gold.

We need some new lyrics.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know!

The Royal Archaeologist’s Assistant will lead you on a trail of treasure and terror, all across the lands. She has a pouch full of high-end treasure maps.

She will dig up each chest for you.

At least one backpack will be placed on the ground. PLEASE leave it there.

As the chest is emptied, the backpack(s) will fill up with loot.

As soon as the first item hits the first backpack, you are welcome to start taking things from the backpack. Again, do not take the backpack itself.

If you want to tame any of the rare monsters that leap out of the chest, let everyone know. If you don’t, they will almost certainly be killed before you can tame them.

Once each chest is empty, the backpacks will be taken back to the EM Hall, locked down, and set to public access. Help yourselves!

Not a single one of these maps will lead to a spot inside a guard zone. PKs might show up. They might decide to kill you. So, come prepared, whatever “prepared” means to you, personally!

The event goes on until we run out of maps, or until the EM falls asleep, whichever comes first!

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