Void Pool Recognition Renewed!

Asuka, you tried.
We have to give you that.
But —! !!
Siege Perilous can do better than that.

Last Saturday, Siege’s players proved it!

Asuka’s record now lies in tatters. The rightful champions have regained their crown!

With 30 players fighting valiantly for 9 hours, 275 waves were conquered.
Az in particular outdid himself, with 168,395 points!

The only thing that I, Siege’s EM, contributed was comic relief. The players of Siege achieved this through their own efforts! It was amazingly well coordinated, and hard fought!

So, please join King Blackthorn this Saturday at 3 pm EST, outside West Britain Bank, as we congratulate and celebrate our champions!

What you need to know

  • We will start outside WBB, where King Blackthorn will give a short speech.
  • Our champions are welcome to give speeches if they want, I just ask that you keep it to a maximum of one minute per person. Some of our warriors have short attention spans, and may go into a murderous frenzy if they have to listen to too much talking!
  • The WBB shield will be updated to show the new scores.
  • We will travel to the second shield, just outside Covetous Level two. This is NOT in a guard zone. So, you are invited to do one of four things:
  1. Come as a ghost. Nobody can PK ghosts.
  2. Come equipped for battle. All I ask is that you wait until the ceremony has ended before beating seven bells out of each other. If you can’t wait – well, the ceremony will carry on regardless.
  3. Come with nothing at all, or just wearing blessed items. You’ll probably finish as a ghost, so you may as well come as a ghost, but it is completely up to you.
  4. Come as you are, whatever that means for you, personally. You may be killed and dry looted, or maybe not. You may be the one doing the killing and looting! This is Siege, and those are the risks you take!
  • Black Watch members, if you want to come as an honor guard, then do so, taking the 4 points above into account!
  • Wandering healers, both red and blue, will be lurking around the area.
  • Gates back to Britain will be available.
  • We like Asuka. Really. We would love to see regular competitions. Friendly ones. And Asuka, can do it in Trammel if you prefer!
  • I’m proud of you guys. You can probably tell that, but I wanted to say it anyway! Siege rocks!
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