The Quest for Knowledge

The Search of the Labyrinth was a failure. Knowing that the monsters of the labyrinth had also escaped the barrier only added to the burden Gnosos carried. If any lore ever existed there, it was now lost forever.

And yet, Master Gnosos could not give up. The fate of the City of Umbra was in his hands and failure was not an option. It was time for another journey, this time to visit the best mages throughout the lands to gather their knowledge. Someone must have the answer.

After a long and tiring journey, Master Gnosos returned home having consulted mages throughout the lands. No one knew the answer, but each mage had a different suggestion:

The Evil Mages in the Fire Dungeon had suggested using the hairs from a Fire-Steeds tail to bind and Brimstone as a catalyst for the spell.
The Council of Mages spoke of using a pedestal to anchor the spell as it set.
The Gargoyle Mystics recommended the webbing of a giant spider in the Underworld for greater strength at binding.
An Orc Mage grunted about a talisman of warding.
A Juka Mage hinted of a powerful invisibility potion to obscure the entrance.
Even a wandering wisp spoke of a long-lost barrier spell that could be enhanced with special binding reagents.

Gnosos began to ponder how such a spell might be assembled.

At great expense, adventurers were hired to seek out the potent items with the special properties required to bind the entry, ward against escape, and hide the dungeon entrances from the monsters within. Occasional rumblings from the earth reminded the townsfolk of Umbra that a solution might not come soon enough.

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