The Rescue of Marcus Rotgut

A call for aid went out across the lands. Spiders feasted upon any living creature that moved about the island. Citizens were disappearing in the night. The nightmares while awake were worse than those of sleep.

Brave warriors answered the call and assembled in Britain where they prepared to aid the town of Buccaneer’s Den. Weapons were sharpened and Shields were readied. Reagents and Potions were gathered and Spells of Power prepared. Arrows and Bandages stockpiled. The assault force gathered before the awaiting moon-gate ready to fight for Honor, Valor, and if necessary, to Sacrifice themselves to save the town-folk.

As the first warriors passed into the gate, a scuffle broke out amongst the ranks of warriors and sides were quickly chosen. The slaughter which followed reduced the rescue force to a mere fraction of its former fighting potential. The surviving forces attacked the spiders with determination. After many struggles, they succeeded in clearing the threat from the town.

A hurried search of the town revealed a hole in the floor of the home of Marcus Rotgut, Emissary from Buccaneer’s Den. Spider webs lined the tunnels within. Here. The foul spiders must have come from here.

First one, then more brave warriors descended into the spiders lair below the town and followed the tunnels to the Nest of the Queen herself. Though the Queen herself was never seen, Nest Guardians defended the future generations of Spiders in the egg-sacks scattered around the nest. The few remaining captured citizens of Buccaneer’s Den were contained behind webs to await the Queen’s hunger.

The brave warriors again fought amongst themselves seemingly over who would be the first to enter and as a result, their force was further devastated and the warriors were never able to harm the Nest Guardians. A few elite warriors bravely fought their way into the nest itself and searched throughout the nest disturbing the webs and cocoons within.

Marcus Rotgut stared out from within a cocoon. Nauseous from the spider’s poison and strangled by the clinging webs, he hoped and prayed for rescue.

A nimble thief searched the cocoon closely looking for loot and disturbed the silken threads until they loosened. With one hand freed and the thieves help, Marcus was able to break from his bonds and stealth away back to town. He immediately set about repairing the hole in his floor hoping to contain the horrors within the lair below…

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