Time is short and priorities must be set.

The return trip home aboard the Brigand’s Revenge was a long one. First the main-mast was lost in a nasty storm at sea, and then a dead calm forced the crew to break out the oars as they struggled to move the ship across the leagues toward the island retreat. Exhausted from the efforts, there was a lot of cursing when the Shadow disembarked and ordered the ship back out to sea for repairs at a shipyard.

After a long hike across the island, the Shadow quietly left the sun-drenched jungle and entered the cool shadows of the shanty. Quickly, the entrance to the secret passages below were opened and the shadow passed like a wraith through the cavernous tunnels to his home within the earth. His new treasures were added to those from prior heists.

The Crown Jewels of NuJel’m
The Paladin’s greatest treasure from Luna
The Candle of Love from Empath Abbey in Yew
The Bell of Courage from The War Room in Serpent’s Hold

Looking over the items left a wry smile on his face. There was so much already accomplished, yet with time so short, there was so much more to do. Reviewing the maps of the lands, potential targets were picked out: Zento and the Empress of Tokuno? Ter-Mur and the Gargoyle Queen? The Librarians at the Lycaeum? Lord Blackthorn in his castle? Or perhaps the petty governors playing at being rulers? The Necromancer’s in Umbra? Lost treasures in Mistas or Montor?

The options were many but some were critical to the objective and some merely diversions to distract the pursuit from the real objective.

Time is short and priorities must be set.

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