Shadow and Smoke – Part 2

The time was right.  With the Bell, the Book, and the Candle finally in her grasp, all that remained was to gain the worldgem, and to cast the proper enchantments before the eclipse, to open a doorway between worlds.  The foolish Shadow had been tempted and seduced into stealing the required items in exchange for an ethereal ability and the promise of love.  A promise that would be broken.  Like a broken toy, he would soon be discarded.


Climbing the stairs to the treasure room where gold and gems lay scattered across the floor, The Lady approached the table which contained the the three greatest treasures of Britannia.  The Bell of Courage, Book of Truth, and the Candle of Love.




Taking up the Book of Truth, she hugged it to her breast knowing that the falsehood of who she was would be enough.  The Demoness within and the lies she had told soaked into the book leaving it corrupted and sickly looking.  With a smile on her face, she placed the Book of Falsehood upon the table.




Next she approached the Candle of Love only to see it flare up and reach out to her.  Love may love unconditionally, but it seemed to know it’s antithesis.  Carefully taking up the candle, she quickly bit into her tongue and spat the blood upon the flame.  Hungrily, the flame consumed the blood with an evil hiss, tainting the candle with the hatred that burns in her blood.  Quietly, she placed the Candle of Hatred upon the table.




Finally, she took up the Bell of Courage and listened to the clear tone that rang from the bell.  This one would be easiest of all.  In a world filled with mortals, who had not felt fear at the sight of an attacker?  Who had not taken cowardly flight at one point or another?  Reaching out into the ether, she gathered the cowardice into a pool and dipped the bell into it and watched the bell take on a tarnished hue.  As she replaced the bell upon the table, the clank of the clapper upon the bell sounded dull and flat.




The Bell of Cowardice, the Book of Falsehood and the Candle of Hatred.  Only the Worldgem was lacking now.  The Shadow must return with it today.  Today was THE DAY.  Soon the door between worlds would be opened and the Demon Lords would enter Britannia.


With another smile on her face, she descended the stairs to await The Shadow.
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