Meet and Greet

Saturday 18th March

A new EM walks amongst you. Is he friend? Is he foe? Where does he hide the bodies of all those unrepentant Trammies? Does he like pizza or pies best? What are those strange noises coming from below the house of commons?

This is your chance to have all these questions and more answered!

Come and discuss recent occurances and potential events on Siege Perilous, and ask questions or offer suggestions to your newest Event Moderator.

The meet and greet will start at 10pm GMT on Saturday 18 th March at 10pm GMT, 6pm EST.

Eats and drinks are on the house, and gates will be provided from a variety of places!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to some strange person tinkering with the clocks, this will be 6pm EST, not 5pm as previously stated. The stated time of 10pm GMT is accurate.

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One Response to Meet and Greet

  1. EM Kincaid says:

    Apologies for not spotting that the clocks were due to change this week. The correct times for the event are (still) 10pm GMT and (now) 6pm EST. I look forward to seeing you all there!