Governors’ Council Meeting

24th March. 10pm GMT. 6pm EST. 

Royal duties, and mysterious occurrences have kept Lord Blackthorn out of the public eye for some time. This month, he returns to speak with his trusted Governors, and to address the people of Britannia.

Governors, you are summoned to a council meeting this weekend to get an update on recent occurrences in Britannia. This council meeting is open to the public, and all citizens are encouraged to attend.  You may speak for yourselves, in an orderly fashion, or petition your governor to speak on your behalf before the meeting.

Governors, if you cannot attend, please ensure that your office sends official apologies.

Gates will be provided. Pets are not welcome in the council chamber.


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2 Responses to Governors’ Council Meeting

  1. Do you have an email address for folks to send in absentee notices from meetings etc..

  2. EM Kincaid says:

    Well, in the spirit of roleplay, remember that the summons to the council meeting was from Blackthorn, not me. 🙂

    I do have an email address –, and folks are welcome to use it! I won’t be entering into long discussions before the meet and greet, because that would make the meet and greet fairly pointless.

    For those who prefer to keep their in-game in the game, books can be dropped into the mailbox at the House of Commons near Brit moongate. I will try to check that mailbox at least three times a week. However, if people would like a private reply, directions to a mailbox where replies can be left would be appreciated!

    For those who are sticklers for protocol – and the king loves protocol – emissaries/ambassadors/spokesmen can be appointed, and sent to the meeting on their behalf.