Void Pool Recognition

Saturday 3pm Eastern / 7pm UK

It was the middle of May, and the year was 2016.
Cora the sorceress, seeking forbidden knowledge, sent her minions forth.
43 stalwart defenders of Siege Perilous stepped forth to oppose her.
For nine and a half long hours, these 43 heroes stood firm, back to back,
as wave after wave of foul creatures crashed into them, howling for their blood.
That day, 255 waves were driven back.
Victorious, those unsung heroes returned to their homes.
The blood they shed, their great efforts barely noticed.

Until now.

Lord Blackthorn, king of Britannia has issued a royal invitation to you!
This weekend, we recognise this outstanding effort, and shout it to the world!
This is a proud day for Siege Perilous!
Two monuments to this amazing achievement will be unveiled for all to see.
The first ceremony will be at the West Britain Bank. A gate to the second location will be provided.

Please note: There is a possibility that VvV may trigger during the ceremony.
Also, note that the second location is far from the protection of the guards.
While Blackthorn will be protected by powerful spells, you will not be.
It is recommended that you either come well equipped and prepared for battle, or travel light, and do not bring any items that you are extremely fond of.
The choice is entirely yours!
Please refrain from engaging in battle until the end of the ceremony.

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One Response to Void Pool Recognition

  1. Victim Of Siege says:

    Outstanding recognition, thank you for the memorial.