The Soulstealer Chapter II : The Black Watch

7th April 2017 10 pm UK time / 5 pm Eastern

Commander Bhaltair scowled at the rejoined pieces of the scroll he had been handed. He could just make out a few letters of the signature – “T_oub_d_r”.

So, these were the sole remaining records of the Black Watch?

His predecessor’s office had not so much resembled a place of records and tactics as a war zone. The walls scorched with magic, a heavy broadsword protruding from the wall, the furniture reduced to kindling, and pieces of a heavy order shield embedded in the walls, the ceiling the door and the floor. Most worrying was the pair of valorite plate sollerets on the floor, with a strange black substance oozing from them. What had happened to their occupant?

He put those thoughts aside, and gazed down the carefully reconstructed scroll. A bleak thought came to his mind: “How many of these names are also on the king’s list?”

He called for a runner. “Take this scroll, and have a copy made for every town. It is to be posted where all can see it. Add this scroll as well, as a footnote. Recruitment begins.”

It was a start, at least. Now, to the training plans!

As he strode across the courtyard, his head filled with thoughts of tactics and defence, a shadowy figure watched from behind some bales of straw. The voice from the void had been right, but the loot was terrible, and someone kept throwing him out a window into the moat. Still, the voice did seem to have his best interests at heart. He watched, and gathered intelligence on the enemy. There was far too much order in this kingdom for his liking. Far too much. Something had to be done about that, and he was just the man to do it!


[please note: these are the only details I have of the previous Black Watch. If you feel they are wrong, please bring proof, such as a sash with your true rank on it, to the EM Hall near the Britain Moongate, after the event.]
Bastian WindwongConscript1
Chlorz FangConscript4
Event HorizonCandidate10
Igg A PieConscript14
Luka MelehanConscript2
Toth UrZrethiConscript7
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4 Responses to The Soulstealer Chapter II : The Black Watch

  1. A question what of those before the Black Watch? During the forming of the BRG? The Black Watch took place during a time of my Absent from Siege, but I was a member of the BRG, and still have my sash.

  2. EM Kincaid says:

    That’s a very good question. I have no details of how the BRG was run, or who has what points. I think the only fair thing I can do is say that a BRG sash is the equivalent of a Lieutenant (25 points), and take it from there – unless anyone has (for example) an old Stratics post proving ranks. Would that be fair? By the time the second meeting comes around, I intend to make sure promotions have been made depending on points – there are a few people who seem to have the points, but have not been promoted, going by the list I do have.

  3. SpyderBite says:

    Stratics is down and I dropped two books off because I changed my mind based on joining a new guild. So I can’t find your email in order to give you a head’s up. Check your mailbox before the event so both characters can participate as Black Watch Guards. 🙂

  4. EM Kincaid says:

    Thanks! In case you need it again, the email is – but a book in the mailbox works just as well!