The Soulstealer Chapter III – Know thy enemy

15th April, 2017. 10 pm UK Time / 5 pm EST

Blackthorn scowled at the scrolls before him. The report from the Black Watch was the most troublesome, but many other parties had reported disturbances and disappearances across the land.
The enemy – no, one of the enemies – would appeared out of nowhere, take one or more victims, and vanish, never to be seen again. At this rate, he would be ruling an empty kingdom!

Then there was the other foe. Commander Bhaltair had given a lengthy report of a shadowy figure, clad all in black, who had directly attacked him as he tried to gather new recruits for the Watch. Bhaltair was a veteran of many battles – for the foe to have left the scene with his own head still attached was extremely troubling.

But here was a new threat – someone who wanted to stir up dissent amongst the people, offering them whatever they wanted to hear. More information was needed. This had to be stopped before it gained any ground.

Blackthorn plucked a pen from his desk, and wrote, then signed and sealed instructions for the Royal Detective. He needed to know who this man was, and where he called home, mostly so that the brigand could open his door to find a squad of well-equipped soldiers come calling.

But, to the other matter. One of the scrolls spoke of strange sightings in the southern seas – flashes of light, plumes of smoke, and strange sounds. This needed to be investigated, and quickly! Perhaps a well armed scouting party?

He picked up another scroll, and started to write.


What you need to know

On the fifteenth of April, at 5 pm Eastern time, 10 pm United Kingdom time, you are invited to gather at the EM Hall north of the Britain Moongate.

Gates to this location will be provided from several places, including Luna Bank, West Britain Bank, Zento Bank, and several teleport hubs.

This event will not be in a guard zone. There is likely to be fierce fighting – both players and monsters. Equip yourself accordingly!

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