Governors’ Meeting

21st April, 2017. 5 pm Eastern Time / 10 pm British Standard Time.  

Blackthorn inspected the fortifications of the council chambers, and nodded approval. Any strange creature from the void who entered unannounced would deeply regret their impropriety. Energy snares, mind spikes, mana siphons, and a particularly nasty bladed device were all installed, warded, and warded again.

The governors needed to be updated as to recent events, that they might stand some hope of defending their people. But the day-to-day running of the towns was still as much a part of life in war as in peace.

Blackthorn deftly side-stepped a freshly positioned pressure plate beneath the carpet, and headed for the royal study to prepare.


Governors of Siege Perilous! Representatives of Towns! Citizens of Sosaria!

You are hereby notified of a Governors’ meeting to be held in the Governors’ Council Chambers!
Governors, please bring a report of the state of your town.

Those who have applied to join the Black Watch and believe themselves ready for battle are invited to stand guard. The crown is aware that you have not yet received any training or equipment – it is your choice to attend in an official role.


Notes regarding Governor Events

Please note that Governor Events have a clearly defined role.
They are there for the governors to discuss the state of their towns.
They are there for the governors to request events that will benefit their towns.
They are there for the king to obtain information.
They are there for the king to provide information about upcoming events.
This particular type of event is not a PvP event. It is a roleplay event. However this only applies to the Governors’ Council Chamber. Anything or anyone outside of this room is fair game. Governors, you are expected to give the king your full attention during the meeting.

Anyone attempting to PvP within the Governors’ Council Chamber, or otherwise disrupt the meeting beyond the bounds of roleplay – will find themselves thrown into the moat. This extends to anyone, regardless of whether you are blue, red, orange or grey, citizen or governor. The council chambers are not a hiding place for combatants. The council chambers are to be considered a conference room, and nothing more.

A dip in the moat is considered to be a warning.

After three dips in the moat during one meeting, you will find yourself banned from the hall for the duration of the meeting. No discussions will be entered into in this regard. Once banned, you are banned for the duration of the meeting. End of discussion.

No bans are permanent, and all bans will be cleared at the end of the meeting.

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