Competition Time! Redesign the EM Hall

Architects of Siege!  Your EM calls upon your skills!

(The last submission date for entries is
the 28th of May 2017)

The time seems right to redesign Siege’s House of Commons (also known as “The EM Hall”). For those who do not know, this is the building to the north of Britain’s moongate, surrounded by various trees and flowers, and currently resembling a Victorian Cathedral.

While I have nothing against Victorians or Cathedrals, I cannot find a single mention of either in Siege’s history books. Therefore, I believe we need a building that is representative of Siege Perilous.

First and foremost, this is a meeting hall. That single requirement should be central to your design. When considering your design, please keep the following needs/wants in mind:

• I would like a speaking point from which to address players before events. This area should be positioned in such a way that everyone in the room can hear what is being said, and possibly be fenced off/raised. Use your imaginations! .Farspeakers can be used, but a design that does not rely on them would be preferable.
• Enough room / seating for a roomful of players. (Feel free to design something out of the way for players pets as well, if you like)
• An area to display trophies, or other items relating to recent/current events. This does not replace the Hall of Champions in Malas – this is more of an ever-changing display of the last ten to twenty event drops, or event-related books, and an area for new players to get some idea of recent events.
• A private area for me (the EM) to safely store and access event-related items for quick retrieval.
• The house size will be 18×18. Please try to make maximum use of all available space.

Designs can be submitted via email. Feel free to make use of the Test Center for experiments. If you do use TC, please submit the location of your house. It would help if it was public, but it does not HAVE to be.  Screenshots can be sent to

Please do not make excessive use of granite and goza mats unless you are prepared to donate the resources to the cause. The same applies to house add-ons.

The final decision as to the winning design rests with Mesanna.
The winning architect will be honoured by means of a plaque on the front of the hall – so please leave space for a plaque!

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