Competition : Who is the biggest bully?

Advance notice : THREE DAY TAMER EVENT

  • Round One : Friday 2nd June
  • Round Two : Saturday 3rd June
  • Round Three : Sunday 4th June

10 pm British Standard Time  / 5 pm Eastern Time

Changes are coming to taming. Some of us like change. But to some of us, it’s like a red flag to a bull.

So, get out there. Tame your bulls!  Why? Is this just a lot of bull? No! Starting on Friday the 2nd of June, Siege will have a weekend of Bull Fighting!

You have more than a month to plan and prepare, so get training those bulls!

Gather together each evening to see whose bull is the biggest, the best, the toughest, in a last bull standing event!


  • Tamers may use anything they like directly on their bull. (healing, masteries, spells, etc)
  • Tamers may not attack the opposing bull, or its tamer. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • Bulls may not attack opposing tamers. Doing so will result in disqualification.
  • A victory is earned when your bull kills your opponent’s bull.
  • Once a bull is dead, it will be removed from the arena, ready for resurrection.
  • Once a bull has died, it is out of the day’s competition, but can try again the next day.
  • Once a bull has died, the next competitor may enter the arena.
  • A bull stays in the arena until it is dead, unless its tamer wishes to forfeit.
  • At the end of day three (Sunday) the winners of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are invited to compete for the prize. If the same bull wins all three days, then they’ve already won.
  • The prize will be a trophy displayed at the Hall of Champions in Malas.
  • Gates to the arena will be made available. Watch town criers and General Chat for details.
  • The EM promises not to enter an Easter Bunny disguised as a bull.

Lastly, this is a bullfight. Only bulls allowed.
A gaman is not a bull. A boura is not a bull either. A dragon is definitely not a bull, even if it’s male.
There will be other tamer events in future. Chicken fights. Anything goes fights. Man vs Beast fights. Dragon fights. We can even have sewer rat fights if there’s enough demand!

But this one is a bullfight. Please don’t have a cow.


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